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Looking for a Model 3 (under 50K)

I'm on the lookout for any Model 3's for under 50K. I anyone finds, or is selling anything in that range, please let me know. Thank you!
Under $50K? You want wheels with that? Just kidding of course.

This is a tough one and best of luck. Probably no one is going to sell theirs unless it is an unusual circumstance. They might post on here if they do. Go to a showroom and ask for suggestions where to get one. I know a bunch of people on a LONG waiting list, so 3s sure are not readily available yet. Will you consider buying my old 1968 rusted out Chevy Nova for that price? :eek:

I'd bet by the end of summer as inventory increases this isn't far fetched. Cars already seem to be selling slowly at "sticker price" on places like cars.com and eBay. We also haven't seen a ton of cars being sold wildly above the msrp, I was actually surprised. I thought people would be paying $75K for early 3's, even still. The EV space has super interesting residual performance, historically it is not strong. Will be interesting to watch M3 and how it fairs in 12, 24, 36 months.
There's a couple on Craigslist near Seattle for $52.5 (stripped) and $54 (most everything on it). So prices could get there soon.

The pictures of the loaded one are in front of some houses a block away from me, although I haven't seen the car around.
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