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Looking for WHEEL NUTS for Model S (P85D, 2015) - higher quality than Tesla's original material

I need to buy at least 2 of the 20 and would rather replace them all - Tesla's original nuts seem to be low quality / low resilience.

What would you recommend for high quality at a reasonable cost, available in the EU and deliverable within few days / 1 week?

Lastly, if anyone has unused or lightly used sets, please let me know how much you want for them including delivery (to Portugal).

Alvast bedankt / merci d'avance / thanks in advance!
I think you mean bolts, the original bolts on my 2013 S were covered with a chrome-like ‘peel’ that was relatively soft.
Therefore it was easilly damaged and could get stuck in the wrench nut.
So i ordered 20 new bolts at a tesla service center. Not cheap, but avoids a lot of annoyance.

The new bolts are very strong, but you also need to order plastic covers (lug nut caps, black or chrome).
I ordered both so i can use them on my summer and winter set.

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