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Looking to buy new home charger from those who have extra

I am getting a model Y and one of my friends suggested that rather than buying from the store, there are chances that i can buy new ones from here cheaper. If any have the same in San Diego, and is is looking to make a sale, please let me know
Every new Tesla vehicle comes with a Tesla Mobile Connector kit. The kit includes the Mobile Connector and the NEMA 5-15 (120V/15A) power plug adapter. You can purchase additional power plug adapters from the Tesla Store either individually or as a set. If you install a NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 receptacle at your home you can use the Mobile Connector with the appropriate power plug adapter to charge at 240V/32A for up to 29 miles of driving range per hour of charging. This may be all that you need to charge your Tesla at home.

Tesla also provides a Tesla J1772 charging port adapter with the Tesla vehicle. The Tesla J1772 adapter enables you to charge your Tesla vehicle using any public Level 2 charging station. For local driving, longer trips you can use the J1772 adapter when you want to charge. (Download the PlugShare app onto your phone to locate local public charging stations.)

For longer trips you can rely on using the Tesla SuperCharger network. (You can pack your Mobile Connector with the power plug adapters, as a backup charging plan.) Most Tesla owners are able to use the Tesla SuperCharger network and the J1772 adapter when they need to charge their Tesla vehicle away from home. The Tesla vehicle's built in Navigation system will display nearby Tesla SuperCharger stations, also public charging stations. For trip planning many Tesla owners use A Better Route Planner; this app is available for your phone or on the web.
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Your car comes with this which requires an outlet of some type and the matching adapter to fit said outlet. Only reason to buy a second one is if you plan to leave it plugged in at home and have one to keep In the car for travel.

You can also buy this which is hardwired into your house and can provide faster charging than the mobile connector.

As far as being cheaper here, try searching for HPWC or mobile connector for sale and compare prices.
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I am checking the openEVSE vs Tesla Home charger. It can be integrated with the PiMon computer to monitor your solar. What I read is that the PiMon interfaces with the openEVSE so the car charging amp is automatically adjusted based on your solar production. Also, any charger qualifies for a 30% tax credit.