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Looking to rent a Model X for 1 week on a feature film in Burbank, CA for January

Hey Tesla enthusiasts. My name is AJ Lutsky and I'm directing a feature film titled 'Garlic Parmesan' in the Burbank area this January and we are looking to rent a Tesla X for one week for filming.

Garlic Parmesan is a feature film about one man's obsessive quest for the perfect flavour of chicken wings, and when he can't find it his life descends into madness until he discovers the difference between being full and being fulfilled. It's a dark meat comedy.

I'm set on using the X because the rear doors are of course designed to look like wings, and as the movie is about wings there is truly no other option.

Your car would be featured in a parking lot for 5 days, and on a highway for 1, so 6 days in total. No stunts, no explosions, no chase scenes, no action, no cameras or rigs attached to the car. We are fully insured to $2 million and I would be happy to negotiate a favorable rental rate, so we are all happy, as well as offering you an associate producer credit and a paid trip to join us at the film's premiere. We are an independent feature so we don't have a ton of money but I wanted to extend the offer here on this forum as I'm saving up for my own Tesla X and hopefully with the proceeds from this film I'll be able to finance one!

Thanks for your time, feel free to reply to this thread, email me at [email protected], or text me at 6047620981.

AJ Lutsky