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Looking to Trade GLS450 <> Model X


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Jul 9, 2020
New York

I'm looking to trade my 2019 Mercedes GLS450 for a 2019-2020 model X

$91.5K MSRP
6400 miles
no accident, never smoke in, no pets, hand washed from day 1, massage seats

Looking for model x with <10K miles, full auto, 6 or 7 seat config, willing to top up depending on the spec/trim


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Mar 14, 2016
What do you think the benefits will be to the person giving up a Model X for your Mercedes.

range anxiety i suppose. When I went shopping for a used tesla, there was a 3000 mile model X for sale at a BMW dealer. When I asked how they even have one, they said someone came in to trade it in for an X7 SUV, so it does happen.

Now, to address the bigger picture though, the depreciation curve hits MUCH harder in the Mercedes than the model X. So even though your MSRP may be the same, a used GLS450 is most likely going to be 10-15% cheaper than a used model X of the same year and mileage. To make this a fair trade I can actually see it happening with maybe a +$10-15k from OP.

Good luck!


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Oct 24, 2018
What do you think the benefits will be to the person giving up a Model X for your Mercedes.

We all love our Teslas but having had two Mercedes in the past which were just C classes, the level of refinement, attention to detail, build quality, quietness, and ride quality are several notches above the 3 and even the S. I never rode in an X but I don't hear it's much different regarding what I mentioned although it's definitely the coolest model with the falcon doors and high windshield.