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Loud Aircon Issue 2021 Model 3 with Octovalve

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Ok, here's some fun...


I posted the other day in a FB group about the frankly infuriating sound my aircon is making occassionally on my brand new Shanghai made Model 3, and I finally managed to capture the sound on camera reasonably well in the link above. It's a piercing sound that music doesn't drown out. Tesla have initially said to me that they think this sound is "normal" and just the way it is with the new octovalve. I refuse to believe this.

I was hoping other MY21 refresh owners can chime in here. Is this normal? Do you hear this sound in your car?

I've included the sound of the aircon when it's functioning "normally" from my perspective at the start of the video. Importantly, I'm totally happy with the sound of the aircon generally, and if I just pump the fan manually to 10 and set the temp to low, while loud, it sounds perfectly fine, exactly as you'd expect with aircon blasting and nothing like what you can hear in the video.

Tesla have said they will still look at the car on my scheduled appointment date next week, but I want to be ready to push back if they deem this normal.
I’ve noticed a ‘raspy’ sound from the a/c in my Shanghai M3 too sometimes, although the sound in your video sounds like it might be worse (mine would be mostly drowned out by music). I assumed it must be the octovalve, but it is a bit annoying to have a noisy a/c in such an otherwise quiet car! For me it tends to happen when I’ve turned the fan speed down because the car has cooled enough.

I’d be interested to know what Tesla says to you.
I have the same issue with my Model 3. Usually happens after I drive away from a Supercharger and it persists for 5-10 minutes. I also have a service appointment next week and I plan to bring this up. Thanks for posting the video - good to use for Illustrative purposes.