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Loud chime with no on screen notifications???

Hi everyone, just yesterday this started happening randomly on my way home. It's a chime that goes off with absolutely no on- screen warnings or notifications. When I go into the notifications menu, it even says "no active alarms".

I don't remember hearing this particular chime before, so I'm puzzled! :confused:

This morning I tried to record it a few times, and on the third attempt I got really lucky and it sounded right after I hit record. It's completely random with no set time between chimes.

Hopefully you have no problem with the link from Google drive. Does anyone recognize this chime?? Has anyone had this happen with no alerts/alarms/notifications???

Saturday at 10-11 AM.m4a
You may have a speed limit warning set, even if it wasn't before. Check your settings. Chime is one of the options for it, and it will go off when you exceed the set speed or if your current speed is excessive as you pass a sign lowering the speed limit. Or if it thinks the speed limit is slower than it is. Lane departure might have a similar warning. As mentioned, FSD will chime for a stoplight turning green, I can't think of anything else that doesn't leave a message.
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Thank you guys, I don't have FSD so I will have to check my settings for the speed limit warning.

I don't accidentally exit the lane very often, but I'm pretty sure it's a different sounding chime, and I think it's 3 successive chimes in a row.

I'm hoping it's the speed limit warning (activated by itself??) because I don't know what else it could be!
I turned that on myself the other day to see if it would be useful, then promptly forgot I did so. Imagine my confusion a week later as the car starting loudly dinging at me at seemingly random times!

What’s even funnier, my other half moments prior was saying the car makes too many alert tones such that you end up no longer paying attention to any of them. Ding!
This happened to me, but the cause was different. I was listening to comedian. I'd downloaded audio from his show on YouTube.

The chime was the bleeping of the NSFW words in his act, but it wasn't done right. It was just a tone on top of his F words.

It took me awhile to catch on.
My 2021 MSLR Every week or so randomly goes into a full-time beep, nonstop, even when shut down and parked in the garage. The only way to resolve it is to do a hard scroll reset. My contact in Fremont advises me to let him know the next time it happens so they can check my logs to try to identify the cause.