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Loud Speaker Buzz

I have, on several different occasions, had a loud speaker buzz coming from the car. I heard the first time faintly while sitting at a drive through (strangely it only seemed to happen at a certain drive through). However, last weekend during a long drive to Vegas it showed up very loud to the point the passengers had to talk over it. It was intermittent for about 10 min then went away for the rest of the trip and didnt reappear on the return drive.

Any idea what could be causing it? Has anyone experienced anything similar? I couldn't find any recounts of anyone having this same problem..

I've seen mention of vibration type sounds coming from the dash but mine sounded very electrical (speaker) in nature.
Many threads and reports on this. My own summary is: there is insufficient EMF shielding behind the center screen and you can get interference from EM sources close to this. I get this mostly when I have phone on shelf under display and move to area that has less than 4G signal. When signal is lost on the phone a lot of phones increase transmission strength in a desperate attempt to find a cell tower, ecascerbating the problem.
Tesla will not resolve.

search for "phone interference" in Google search box above for more threads.