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LTE internet service doesn't return

When I park in the underground garage at work, I lose the internet service. This is not unexpected. The problem is when I leave and get back up to the surface, the internet signal doesn't come back. No LTE, no 3G, nothing.. even though it's a location where I normally get it. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to reset it so it can connect while I'm driving? Or do I have to settle for a quiet ride home?
To reset the car/screen press and hold both steering wheel buttons until the screen goes black. It may take more than a minute for cell signal to return even after the screen reboots. It’s normal.

For underground, if your phone has signal you can hotspot it and connect the car to it. If you’re in Park and do this the connection will sever once you go into Drive and you’ll have to accomplish it while in Drive... annoying but do able
It's been that way since day one and it doesn't seem they care enough to actually fix it. What makes it worse is you can't use voice control without it. The only fix is resetting it. Once and awhile it will recover on it's own but it can take 20+min.
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