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Ludicrous speed pack

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Any P85D owner wants to get this upgrade?

When I first thought about buying a MS, I thought a 70D would be fine as I am no car racer. After learning the extra range and kW that a 85D would give me, I made an order for a 85D although a P85D would be nice for ego reason and the so-called "insane" mode. I was pleased as my choice was only next to the then highest end model.

Now Tesla came up with this "ludicrous" mode and a 90kWh battery, my choice is downgraded by at least 1 level, if not 2. Having said that, I asked myself: (1) How likely would I be able to do 0-100km in 2.8 secs in Hong Kong? (2) How much extra range and kW can the additional 5kWh give me? The P90D with ludicrous pack, if go with the options that I chose for my 85D, will likely pass the $1M mark. However, is the "ludicrous pleasure" worth it? My 2 cents.
Tesla rep is offering to let 'in queue' P85D order to upgrade to P90D but new wait time unknown since the new options not available in Hong Kong yet (can push delivery into next year)......and they are not promising the Ludicrous Mode speed upgrade as not cleared through HK regulators (yet).

Latest model vs. more immediate enjoyment of the car.....decision, decision, decision!
The Tesla rep said not 100% sure if they can do the upgrade in Hong Kong due to regulatory constraint (like HK doesn't have the rear facing child seats option)! Just have to sit and wait, really a bit frustrating.

It wouldn't make sense if they could add it for you at the factory but not at the service centre due to "regulatory constraints", because you end up with the same car on HK roads regardless of where the upgrade was done. I think they simply don't have enough information to give you a correct answer at this point, which seems to be the case for most SCs around the world.
Do you mean ludicrous speed will be retrofitted? I don't think they're retrofitting 90kWh at this stage.

My understanding -- though I stand to be corrected -- is that the 90kWh battery pack and the ludicrous speed upgrade are two separate things. The availability timeframe for the larger battery is not yet clear, and thus, if you wish to get it, your delivery date would inevitably be delayed. The ludicrous speed upgrade, on the other hand, can be added to the P85D, so if the faster acceleration is all you want, you can take delivery of your P85D and then they apply the speed upgrade later.

The two things seem linked because for business/marketing purposes, they have linked the two for new orders (i.e. you must have the bigger battery pack to get the ludicrous speed upgrade). However, Elon has already said the ludicrous speed upgrade can be applied (at a discount) to current P85D owners, so from a technical perspective, it must not be reliant on the larger battery pack.

As I said, that's my understanding, though I have no more information than what's on Tesla's press release.
Yes, Elon only said that existing P85D owners can get the upgrade for US$5000 plus labour. He also said that he didn't recommend change to a larger battery pack now and therefore no price for this upgrade is mentioned. Since they have to collect back the used battery pack and figure out how much should be charged for a change of new battery. US$3k is only the difference between a new 85kw pack and a90kw pack. To replace a used 85kw battery with a new 90kw pack should be much more than US$3k
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So i just picked up the P85D 2 days ago, was very happy with it. Back to the topic, i asked if i could upgrade to Ludicrous mode when they first announced it, which was 2 months ago, and here's the answer from the salesman. Due to the delay, i decided not to up grade it at that time.
I am not sure if we can upgrade it later or not thou.