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M3 Acceleration Shudder/Vibration in the wheel

Anyone experiencing acceleration shudder in the front wheel around 40-50 mph. My M3 has 650 miles. It's going to the service center on Friday to fix this and the back up camera at night (streaking/flashing).

Wondering if I'm the only one. Really hoping they are able to fix it permanently without fear of it coming back.
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I thought I was having a balancing issue or something like you are describing going on as well. I was convinced it was happening in the 40-50mph range too for whatever reason. I finally realized it was indeed the lane detection. I haven't driven a car with steering wheel vibrations for warnings. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.:rolleyes:

Do the Jschwefel and turn it off.
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Turning it off might just be the ticket! Why does the M3 shake the wheel without telling you why it's doing so? Does the M3 tell you? Strange. To me when you lane drift the last thing you might want to happen is to have your wheel shake making it possibly even worse. Hmmm...
Ditto!!! LOL!! I just turned off the lane departure warning and will see if I notice a difference driving home today.

I thought I was going crazy with these random steering wheel vibrations. I was about to take it to SC for inspection. Now it totally makes sense. It was the lane departure warning. I appreciate OP for creating this thread.
I just picked up my M3 a few days ago and felt this exact issue at around 40-50 mph. Situation only happens on the freeway and it felt like the front driver side wheel needs alignment. I am a little skeptical about this being a feature on the lane departure warning - why would all of us thinks it come on only at this speed?

Does any one have an update on their service visit?
I turned off lane departure warning too because it was jiggling the wheel for no good reason sometimes.
For instance, as I drive down a residential street with no lane markings.
If its lane departure warning its not working correctly. I purposely drifted into another lane a few times and did not get the vibration but when i accelerate and stay in the middle of my lane I will get it. I am interested to see what the SC says about it.
I turned off the lane departure warning and that did it. What a useless feature maybe they will correct it in a software update. Thanks for help resolving the issue