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M3 after order question and confusion

Hi all,
Very big thanks to the forum where I got to learn a lot about M3 & MS & MX cars.
I went to the Tesla showroom yesterday as there was the deal going on for the free supercharging for 2 years and this website said the advisor could give 2 out of 3 items for free if I picked an inventory car.
Tesla allows discounts and offers 2 years of free Supercharging for end-of-the-quarter push - Electrek

Tesla advisor told me that 9/15/19 is the last day to take advantage of this opportunity as I need to physically take delivery of the car by end of this month.

Today early morning, I placed an existing inventory order for a M3 by putting a 2500$ deposit.
Red Color (2000$ paint charge)
19" wheels (1500$ charge)
Premium black interior Included
Auto Pilot Included
My price came to 51490 instead of (51490-3500=47990)
I asked my Tesla advisor and he said I should have got the comp automatically but It did not apply to my order.

What is going on here?
How could only be to the 15th (today) when this was announced a couple of days ago? If it's an inventory car means it is made and sitting in a holding lot near you.

Yeah, the advisor told me that usually it takes 10-14 days to get the delivery.
Inorder for me to avail the deal, I have to take the delivery before end of this month which means he said it's better to order by 15th so I get the deal
I don’t think your advisor is correct. Typically the way Tesla has handled the free upgrades is as follows:

1) You place an order for a base car (ie white exterior, black interior, 18” wheels)
2) Tesla determines they don’t have one in stock so they match you up to a model with some upgrades.
3) They then issue a discount to waive the upgrade prices.

If you order a car with the upgrades then they just match you to a car with those upgrades and no discount would apply. You have to convince them you want a base model and then let them upsell you to a car with options by discounting the options.
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Your car is in stock at houston it show.
Buy this car and you will get the paint and wheels at NC

How does this car still show up. It is the same car that I placed an order and put a 2500$ down
That I don't know. Still shows anyone can buy it.
The person above is correct on free options.
They basically have to not have the car in stock you want before placing your order. In your instance they have a red w black and 19s awd. Now if you were to call your advisor or my advisor prior to ordering and let's say you want white interior.. well they don't have one according to online stock. The advisor would push you into a car that would have black interior by offering you say free 19 inch wheel upgrade. I could certainly facilitate this for you but you would have to cancel your order then call my guy to reorder...
How does this car still show up. It is the same car that I placed an order and put a 2500$ down

Is the Vin# the same?
Cars in transit to a location show as Inventory even though they may be a week away

On Friday I know there were 12 white awd black interior on Aeros headed to Dedham, MA but only 3 showed on the website. Buy 1 another one is added, exact car but vin is different. Last I checked there are still 3 showing as in inventory for Dedham, MA. None are truly there and all 3 are different cars than Friday which sold.

Not sure how the freebies actually work, easy to get them on a car on the lot, not as easy for custom orders or cars on their way to a location in my experience.
Getting the 2 year supercharger miles was easy