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M3 efficiency!!

I am simply amazed by my M3P+ energy efficiency.
I am commuting in solid london morning traffic. Nevertheless achieving consumption of 240Wh/mile. That’s without forcing myself to be efficient and not hesitating pressing gas when possible.
That is >300miles range in city driving on a supercar!!!! Unheard of!!! ICE manufacturers need to stop the propaganda and surrender!!
Proof below (sorry I am in km, so everything x1.60)
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The relative efficiency advantage between EV and ICE is greatest in town. in stop start EV's can recover much of their energy while stopping then use no power while stopped (except AC, radio ,etc). ICE cars can do neither of those things. I know there are stop start engines now but they don't help much in constant slow moving traffic since there is a penalty to pay in fuel during the re-start.
My P+ averaged 298Wh/mile on a trip to Devon with about 190 motorway miles out of 205 miles in total with the TACC/NoA set to 70...only a few uses of the go faaaaaast peddle.
So not so good when you can't use regen but about the same consumption as my i3 Rex which has to stop and I made it in one go with 45 miles remaining, so no range worries. Going to be worse in freezing conditions I guess...