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M3 Headlights

I find they do not dip quick enough sometimes, but I also find that people just in general flash people with LED lights because to many drivers at night cannot see, and should not be driving.
I wish fog lights would double as corning lights.
Which is why they started adding Corning Lights, Bendy lights, because of the instant fall off with LEDS, even my Motor bike has corning lights. Although the light spread and range is better than I expected.

Regarding the video, wish he had then gone off for a test drive at night to see if better and coverage of the light is better.
I wish fog lights would double as corning lights.
IMHO, using fogs as cornering lights is a really bad idea:

1) Fogs have a wide beam pattern and don't provide much real illumination except for very close objects.
2) They can dazzle - they're meant for use in fog, not normal visibility conditions.
2) It looks really stupid seeing people's fogs turning on and off as the enter, negotiate and exit a roundabout :)
pdk42 Sorry disagree with 1, and 2, if set up right will do either, regarding 3 yeah looks stupid, but I rather see into a dark area on a turning than not at all at night.

I live nr Ashdown Forest, driving over it daily, and nightly, and any wide beam of light can be the difference if an animal suddenly jumping out or not.