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M3 nose job

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I saw this picture as I was trawling the internet as we waiters are prone to do and the way the light falls it looks like this model actually has a radiator vent on the nose. It got me thinking - What would the M3 look like with a "faux air-vent" on the front and how could that be made. Would black vinyl / wrapping look pants?

What do you think?

i kinda think the lack of vent is part of the design language of Tesla, and a clear indicator of an EV & the lack of an ICE underneath, so whilst I think that blue example looks nice - it also could be pretty much any car, which subtracts from it I feel.
Agree that it's part of the design language. I may just not be ready to love it yet.
I don't care enough to replace the whole nose but a low effort cosmetic solution might interest me. I suspect though that any low effort solution would also look low quality.
Still, it's given me a new set of things to search the internet for :rolleyes:
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