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M3P- Dilemma

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Good morning,

I posted this on the other section of the M3 boards, but wanted everyone's opinion here as well:

have a small dilemma. I was able to purchase a stealth performance with 19s. I don’t want the 19s, but there is no 18 option. So the incentives right now allow a free $1500 wheel upgrade OR 2 years free super charging, not both (contrary to what was told to me). I live in CA with work near a SC and drive 22k miles per year or so. My home charge rate will be around .10-.11 vs the .22 regular rates. What would you opt for? Wheels or supercharging?

Also, anyone recently ordering, did you encounter this issue as well? I thought both SC and up to two deviations could be included in an order - not one or the other. Thanks!
I came here to say—(I to got extremely lucky and grabbed an M3P Stealth but want the 18" instead of the 19")

I'm looking into swapping my wheels with someone hopefully or just buying 18" sometime in the coming 6 months. The former would be my first option!.
If you cant find a buyer immediately just use the tires up and upgrade. No one will pay near new prices for second hand tires, might as well get some value out of them.

I was in the same boat with a P3D and the 20s and now P3D- and the 19s. I may just stick with the 19s..for as long as I can stand it.
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