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M3P with 19" sport wheels?

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Anyone with M3P running the pre-2021 OEM 19" sport wheels and stock sport suspension? Any pics? will it clear the M3P brakes? I know the M3P wheel hub has the 3mm difference but I have heard you can add spacer to make it work. Is it correct? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You're asking if anyone has a full performance M3, but swapped to the smaller wheels? I doubt that exists, maybe on winter wheels.

I have the 2020 M3 with 19s and performance upgrade, so I don't have the brakes or suspension. Sorry I can't help more but I'd do measurements of your car, would be faster and easier than finding someone with that configuration. GL
Thanks for the reply! I thought I have read before that people were saying the ride quality with the 20"s is not so great and they are easily bent with the thin wall tires. So I assumed some have changed to 19" sport wheels? Personally, I don't really like the style of 20" uberturbine wheels that come with 2021 M3P. So I might either change to pre-2021 20" or 19" sport wheels hence the questions. I was hoping some had done it before can chime in or have some pics....

I’m swapping to forged 18” wheels on my M3P for daily use. I’ve extensive suspension mods on the car as well. The lighter wheels and higher profile tyres will improve comfort and suspension performance due to a lower unsprung weight.
This thread indicates (only) newer ones will fit
I switched my MP3 performance to 19“ wheels, though I didn’t use the OEM sport wheels. I got the tsportline TS5 wheels, which look quite nice and no problems with fitment.