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Made the right call upgrading from EAP to FSD for 2k


Dec 25, 2016
Austin, TX
Look back at this in 3 years and see what promises are fulfilled. It’s seems like FSD has been redefined and the description watered down so much I’d be shocked if you get more than Stop Sign and Stop light recognition. I’d be willing to bet Tesla weasels its way out of upgrading anyone’s hardware and just insists you buy a new car. The CEO has made a lot of twitter promises that never materialized.

This is just me speaking from past experience as a 2x proud Tesla owner for the past 4 years (Model S 60 AP1 and M3 LR RWD). I’m not giving Tesla more money for promises, I’ve learned to buy what you can test drive and software updates will be discounted the next time they need cash.


All your cell are belong to us
Jul 26, 2018
San Francisco
Lots of ways this can go. Depending on how many EAP-only purchasers remain, FSD for 2k (or less) is always a demand lever that can be pulled to generate a little bit of cash. So I expect the price will come down from time to time. But for now, we can feel happy that we got what seems like a decent deal. Just don't be surprised if that or a better deal is offered in the future.

The more important questions surround HW3 and what Tesla will consider "complete" FSD.


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Mar 24, 2016
I got AP (not EAP) for $2K, I'm happy with it but it'd be nice to have it change lanes when I use the turn signal. Maybe in the next year or two, if Tesla is in another panic near the end of a financial quarter and needs to drag more cash out of us the Tesla owners, and they decide to have a super sale on FSD I will get it, but I'll have to see a lot of progress on FSD first. I want to see it handle a 4 way stop sign intersection (not a 4 way red light).
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Sep 3, 2018
They will get so few bites at $5K, there is no doubt they will lower it again at some point. Likely to a low price that will piss off existing FSD owners again, including those who just bought at $2K, as that seems to be their standard business practice at Tesla. Love the car but definitely no longer a fan of the company and how it is managed. (yes, I'm still bitter on the insane accelerated depreciation on my Sept '18 AWD 3. And yes, I will continue to be a self-realized baby and not get over it. :))


Aug 24, 2012
Boston North Shore
In for FSD at 2K last night, have 2018 EAP.
Not really sure why all this vaporware complains.
We're pioneers, beta testers, etc.
Have you not spent a couple G's for a PC that is now obsolete?
Perhaps Moore's law is in effect but thats ok.
Wouldnt pay 5K for FSD though.
I don't see anywhere on the Tesla order site that mentions customers paying to be beta testers. Nor do I ever recall paying for the promise of a PC that might be delivered at some undefined time in the future, or possibly never.


Dec 8, 2018
might be the right call, might not. I personally didnt jump for it, EAP is plenty enough for me right now. Once FSD actually gets delivered we will see if its worth 2-5k or not.
That's a personal thing, of course. All I need is reliable stopping for stop lights and $2000 will be bargain of the freaking century for me. :) That's my big pain point with EAP right now.
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May 10, 2018
Queen Creek, AZ
That's a personal thing, of course. All I need is reliable stopping for stop lights and $2000 will be bargain of the freaking century for me. :) That's my big pain point with EAP right now.
very true 2k for real FSD on stop signs and stoplights is a steal, I have just learned with Tesla to wait untill something is actually delivered before spending the $. Now on my second Tesla and the wait it out method usually ends up being the best route lol.

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