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MAGLEV and High Speed Rail in the UK

Discussion in 'Cars and Transportation' started by YoungStranger, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. YoungStranger

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Telford UK
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    I have been folllowing Tesla Motors since 2006 and am obsessed by the cars and this site, even though as a public sector professional in the UK, I will never probably be able to buy one:frown:

    I am also interested in Maglev railway technology and have been following the attempts by UK Ultraspeed to promote an alternative to the national High Speed Rail project, which is now estimated to cost £50 Billion pounds sterling (for a 500 mile line running south to north of England:scared: )

    But it might not go ahead after all (politicians are getting cold feet), but there is no active campaign for Maglev in the UK following the demise of Ultraspeed UK, which provided a technically compelling case, but failed in terms of PR and politically

    So, inspired by Elon Musk (!), and seeing a gap in information, I have now set up a facebook page to promote Maglev in the UK. I see many parallels between Maglev and BEV technology, including the establishment naysayers who argue that the traditional way is the best way and new technology is doomed to failure. Ford and GM are not laughing at Tesla now. If you are sympathetic to the cause or are interested in finding out more. I will be adding links and passing on more information at Maglev UK on facebook.

    And if it OK with the Mods, perhaps we could have a discussion on this thread for a while. It would be interesting to hear more about the Hyperloop, but that is probably a different technology.


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