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Make a charging-specific forum?


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Jul 29, 2018
I wonder if it might be a good idea to create a 'charging' forum, separate from the model-specific battery/charging forum, since the S/X/3/Y have generally the same charging requirements, ignoring the 80 amp S's and such.

Perusing the S/X/3/Y battery/charging forums, there's a decent number of redundant questions being asked about charging installs/issues.
That's not really what I was referring to, I was more interested in questions like:

Do I need special wiring for my HPWC?
How do I loadshare HPWC's?
My townhome doesn't have a plug near the parking area, what do I do?
My garage only has a two-prong 120V outlet, how do I connect my UMC to it?
The last owner used a 70 amp breaker on 8 gauge appliance cord to an outlet. Can I just wire my HPWC to that?
My HPWC has a 100 amp breaker. Should I change that to a 60 amp breaker since my cars will only be using 48 amps?

The list goes on and on.