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Make Lemonade out of a Lemon?

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This message is for anyone that experienced their dream Tesla, turn into a nightmare car? I need advice on what to do next and if there has been any experiences where Tesla steps up to do the right thing by all of us Tesla enthusiasts that have supported the company from Day 1. I've had my Tesla for only 2 years now, but have seen it go through 3 drive trains, 3 master charging units, change of battery cooling unit, a broken rear axle and more. Again, it was bought in 2013 and it's barely 2 years old! No, I do not drive my car off road, and I live in pleasant weather in Southern California. The service assistant manager feels for my pain, but I think there's only so much he can do because everything is in the hands of the regional manager.
I have experienced most of these issues while on road trips or while driving on the freeway, so I've been placed into some sketchy situations while other cars speed by, and it has gotten to the point where my confidence in my particular car has plummeted. The only thing that regional manager says about my car is that it has high mileage (49,000 on original warranty), so there's nothing he will do to help me, but c'mon Tesla, do you really want to have a customer pay $100,000 for a car that can't make it past the 2 year mark without repeated serious malfunctions in the car? I want to say I'm in the minority, so if I could have any car it would be another Tesla, but what would you do if you were stuck with a Lemon and Tesla didn't want to step up to the plate? Has something like this happened to any of you? I just wanna go back to being a happy Tesla owner again...Thanks in advance
Definitely, already previously purchased the extended warranty along with the extended service plan. My hope was to keep the car at least 8 years to make the purchase worth it, and to enjoy gas free driving from here on out. Unfortunately, I don't see my particular car holding up, the problems are so varied and consistent now, it's like everything is deciding to break apart. I was expecting Tesla to show some concern but it looks like the regional manager in Southern California is too busy to show any concern for a unit that breaks down this much prior to its 2 year anniversary? Anyone have any similar experiences and what would you recommend I do next? I'm trying to go through Tesla's arbitration since I don't want to jump the gun and hire a lawyer right away, in the end I would still buy another Tesla, just think mine is faulty beyond repair and it was just made like that.
Douglas, fair question, but I don't think I'd want to sell it just to have someone else find themselves in the same predicament as myself, that's really bad karma wouldn't you say? I do think that Tesla, being the great company that it is, should have the resources and capability to do the right thing and replace a faulty product, there's no bad intention on their part or mine, its just a situation where they gave a happy customer something they didn't intend, a car that isn't up to their standard. As for the problems, although you may be reading it in summary format, the problems did not happen over a weekend, but some things did pop up within the last 2 months, within consecutive weeks, hence my progression to where I am today.
There are a few options. If you feel the car is in safe and you don't want it any more you should send a certified letter to Tesla with all of your service records and ask them to repurchase. In CA, the "lemon" law goes through the the entire warranty period. If they do not meet your requests then you can file a case with the arbraition angency. I went through arbraition with a Ford truck and it was a lot of time but the outcome was in my favor. In CA it is not legel to offer trade assist but tou could ask for an inflated trade value from Tesla on a new one. Your other option is to use your extended warranty and keep the car. Just make sure all you phone conversations are documented and try to do most of the communications over E-mail. Good luck and I know it is no fun to not have a car you can trust, hope you can get it all worked out.
Hi sbportech, that's awesome news, I didn't know that. What I read was the lemon law was in effect for the first 18,000 miles, or 18 months, but you're saying it's tim the entire warranty period? If so that is awesome. I actually did send a certified letter to Tesla and they have a copy of the service records, but I got a response saying that they do not feel they need to do anything on their part to resolve my issues. I've left numerous messages with the representative who is in charge of arbitration with no response :( Thanks for your support, just hope this can end with a happy ending, with me in a good working Tesla :)
I dunno, your story is strange. You have had a Tesla for 2 years now, you have had several issues and they have been repaired but you have had a lot of them and this is your first time, first thread and post on this site and you bring up suing Tesla. Me = not buying it.

Tesla is not going to buy your car back so if this is all really true I would sell it and it it's been repaired and running fine it's not bad karma.
If you read into the song Beverly warranty act a little more you will see the language. CA has some of the strictest consumer protection laws. That being said there is a deduction that is taken based on the first time you brought your car into the workshop. When was the first repair made? If you search the web you can find the information you need to file for arbitration with Tesla. Just be professional and state your case. I would try and keep the car sence you have the long warranty and the do give you a loaner car to use when it is in the shop.
Douglas, I didn't bring up suing Tesla once, I love Tesla, just my car seems like it should warrant a response from Tesla's management. The service techs are awesome, they have excellent customer service down to a science, but I don't get the feeling it extends up the management/executive branch. My resolution hopes to end with me owning another Tesla, albeit a functioning one. I've been a member of this site since 2013 when I purchase my Tesla, and my other post showed pics of my car, so I can understand you trying to filter out a possible troll, but honestly, I've always found this and Tesla's website to have very supportive members, and when something falls out of line, we should support each other to make sure Tesla remains the car manufacturer to look up to from now into the foreseeable future. Again, if they gave me all my money back, I would just buy another Telsa, love the car, just think mine wasn't supposed to slip through quality control, I told the service tech they probably make 9,999 great cars with 1 faulty one (still a great ratio), unfortunately mine might be that 1 faulty one.
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Every manufactur has a bad car, seen $200k cars get bought back for poor phone reception. I went through arbitration with Ford, won my case and put a deposit on another Ford truck the next week. The manufacturers are in the business of selling cars, keeping customers happy and making money, when it comes to a buyback they usually have lost all three so they usually don't just roll over. The first part of the arbitration process is to try and work things out before you go to a hearing, it's your call.
And quoted.

What do you think "hire a lawyer" means?
Douglas, I think we can agree that was taken out of context, especially since the entire quote is "I'm trying to go through Tesla's arbitration since I don't want to jump the gun and hire a lawyer right away, in the end I would still buy another Tesla, just think mine is faulty beyond repair and it was just made like that." Tesla's arbitration presumably does not require any law representation. I really appreciate S'toon and sbportech's suggestions, thanks, keep'm coming :)
To the OP my car will be 2 years old next month. It's been to the service center at least once a month since I bought it. I'm in the same boat as you. Sadly. I however haven't tried to do anything I'm still under warranty at 69,000 miles. Maybe you can at least ask them to waive the ext warranty fee?