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Make sure your bank paperwork is truly finalized before your delivery appointment!

3/31/16 first in line overnight waiter / non-owner / 2/22/18 configured here. I'd been in touch with my ISA many times to make sure that everything was fine for my delivery on 3/31/18. I was assured that everything was good. Final paperwork came through on Thursday, and I had my bank send my down payment over. Got a copy of the final paperwork signed by Tesla on Friday, as well as a call confirming my delivery on Saturday at 1:00 PM.

Got to the delivery center on Saturday, signed what little I had to do and figured okay - time to get my car and leave! Wrong... The person then asked if I had a check from my bank. "Uh no. My ISA worked with my bank and worked out the funds transmittal thing with them." Turns out, no they hadn't.

I then spent three hours in hell while they spoke with my bank and Tesla management about whether I could get my car. I got to review inside and outside of my car in plenty of detail (only issues - two small scratches they buffed out) but not actually leave. I guess this went higher than they'd ever seen before until someone high up in Tesla management approved me taking delivery of the car. I believe that if it wasn't end of the quarter I would've gone home without my shiny red Model 3.

Your TL;DR is to take my advice: confirm with both your bank and Tesla ahead of time that everything is finalized. If you don't, you may end up disappointed.