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Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

I purchased a small USB hub after I got my Model 3 so I could hook up the Jeda V2 wireless charging pad and still use my Sandisk 128GB USB 3.1 memory key to store Dashcam/Sentry video. This worked fine for a while, but once we hit the V9 (2019.32.x) builds I started to have lots of errors saying the USB was too slow to record. Once V10 came out, this only got worse, so I unplugged 1/2 my charging pad and plugged the USB memory key directly into one of the car's USB ports. This seemed to fix the slow USB errors.

So my question is, what setup do I need to have a two sided wireless charger and still be able to capture Dashcam/Sentry video w/o errors? I know many have had luck with the Jeda USB hub, and several have suggested microSD High Endurance cards for the video recording.

If you have a dual charger plus Dashcam/Sentry working with V10 please post your hardware. I appreciate it very much.

The slow error is still there with USBs plugged directly into the ports. It just goes away when you reset it. I’ve been doing that for weeks. It’s a v10 bug that will be fixed, from reports I’ve seen. Nothing to do with the USB (any good one) or Jeda hub.
My 3 is at the SC for some repairs (rattles galore, Bluetooth not auto-connecting, and a bowing A-Pillar trim) but I also have the issue where it tells me that my USB drive is too slow, even though its a USB 3.1 drive from San Disk that I tested and is capable of real world transfers nearing triple digits. Anyway, I mentioned that to the SC when I was dropping it off and they added it to my work order. I have the Nomad Qi Charger and I'm using a USB splitter from Amazon. Had literally zero issues with the charging or Dashcam features until V10. I'll update if they fix it or give me any advice on it.
It's probably the USB drive. Probably getting too hot with the sequential read/writes, or the physical temp in the car.

Try using either an SSD, or to save some cash, get a high endurance microSD card that they use for dash cams. I went through 3 different USB drives, and all of them failed on me after a while. Switched to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B9KTLJZ/ref=twister_B07DLWKFTM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 and https://www.amazon.com/suntrsi-Comp...lightning&qid=1571093660&s=electronics&sr=1-3, and it's been working fine ever since. No more errors.
I got my car back from the SC and they told me that I wouldn't be able to use a the USB splitter. I asked about the OEM Qi Wireless charger and they said that it doesn't matter, it's the splitter that causes the issues "slow USB" issues.