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Making the final payment

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I'm paying cash for my car, the Tesla app is giving me details to wire them the final payment but my bank has a transaction limit of 25k which is not enough. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Did you do 2 payments? the bank(Nationwide) say I can do a CHAPS payment for the full amount but need the company(Tesla) address details etc that aren't in the info in the app. Anyone have experience with this situation?
I bought mine on HP (as a stop gap) with a deposit of 35k. My bank (NatWest) had the same restriction in place... though the website portal told me to do it in the app. Same issue arose in the app, but it had an option to "Continue with one time large sum transfer" (or something like that)
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Some accounts such as Santander Edge Up come with free CHAPS for larger transfers. Otherwise multiple to the daily limit of £100k with £25k transaction cap will be necessary to avoid paying extra. It will usually surprise the US accounts team, so best advise them to expect multiple.
As others have said, multiple payments is ok, but your bank may let you do a larger one if you ask them first. Having said that, it's always worth calling your bank & speaking to a human before making large transfers, to make sure they don't get automatically stopped by fraud protection systems.