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mass of various option components...

Discussion in 'Model S: Driving Dynamics' started by VaG, May 26, 2013.

  1. VaG

    VaG Member

    May 26, 2013
    Shreveport, LA
    Hi folks, my first post!

    I am researching the various options as I choose how my Model S will look. I want the car to weight as little as possible. I've read a lot of forum posts already, and don't see much talk about the mass of the various options.

    There's a lot of discussion on the merits of the 19" wheels versus the 21" wheels. 19" wheels are clearly lighter, so a pretty good weight advantage there.

    Does the carbon fiber interior trim make any difference to the weight, versus Lacewood etc. ?

    Does the 60KWh battery weigh 3/4 of what the 85KWh does? Would be a major difference in handling if it did. (I guess it plays into the battery-swapping conjecture if it weighs exactly the same)

    Does anyone know if the solid roof weighs any different to the panoramic roof?

    Thanks -V
  2. stevezzzz

    stevezzzz R;SigS;P85D;SigX;S90D;XP100D;3LR

    Nov 13, 2009
    Welcome to the TMC, VaG. If you're looking to the 60 to reduce weight for increased performance, you're kind of hosed. The 60kWh version weighs almost as much as the 85kWh version and has lower acceleration, even so. TM presumably chose to limit the power for battery longevity. So aftermarket, lightweight wheels and tires may give you the biggest bang for the buck. No doubt the pano roof weighs more than the solid roof, but I haven't seen any numbers.

    If you're looking to reduce weight for reasons of efficiency, then the 60kWh model with 19" wheels is the way to go. The published numbers show the 60kWh model is about seven percent more efficient than the 85.
  3. Merrill

    Merrill Active Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Sonoma, California
    Personally I would choose the options based on what kind of driving I will be doing and the things that I like in a car. I really do not think that the weight one way or the other is going to make a very big difference. I chose the 19's because I have seen problems with the larger tires and rims, and with more rubber between the tire and rim less chance for blow out or bent rim. Also cost was a consideration. If you do long distance commuting or drive many miles per day, the 85 might be needed. Other than that purchase what you want that will make you happy and cover your needs.
  4. dsm363

    dsm363 Roadster + Sig Model S

    May 17, 2009
    I agree. Pick the options that you want and the battery pack you need for the range, not for the weight. Same with pano roof vs. solid roof. 19" rims are the way to go if tire longevity and less chance of curb rash are important.
  5. SCW-Greg

    SCW-Greg Active Member

    Jun 13, 2012
    Beaverton, OR
    I doubt the weight differences on dash trim are meaningful. Meaningful to the car's performance anyway. Probably the same, as the woods are very thin veneers, CF is thicker.

    Also doubt the weight difference on pano vs solid roof are meaningful too - considering the solid roof adds insulation and padding the pano doesn't have. Tho the glass is heavier than the aluminum.

    Tech wouldn't matter. An extra charger would add some pounds.

    Leather seats, alacantra, etc, might have some weight bearing.

    I guess if you added them all up, and were planning on setting some records, then maybe these weight differences mean something... else just get the 19s and the features you want, knowing that you got the most distance bang for the buck.
  6. Todd Burch

    Todd Burch Voltage makes me tingle.

    Nov 3, 2009
    Smithfield, VA
    Energywise, since the MS has regenerative braking, additional weight does not carry as much penalty as in a gas car. More mass implies that the regen can recover more energy which would be wasted through friction brakes.
  7. Aussie

    Aussie Member

    Feb 18, 2013
    Was Norcal / Now Australia
    During my factory tour it was mentioned that a fully loaded (in terms of options) car would be 200 pounds heavier than without those options. Easy to see why: Panoramic room will add a lot of pounds, 21" wheel, second charger, rear kids seats. I can see how they can make a difference.
  8. jerry33

    jerry33 S85 - VIN:P05130 - 3/2/13

    Mar 8, 2012
    In a full sized car rule of thumb is that a 500 lb. weight reduction results in a one mpg reduction in fuel usage. 200 lb. is hardly going to be noticed.

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