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MCU upgrade

I just recently purchase a model S and was very dissapointed with the performance of the screen. The entire thing was slow, not just the response to the touch screen. I would miss turns if I didn't already know where I was going because the naviagtion was so slow that it would say to turn 10 or more seconds after I had already made it.

I scheduled an update with the local SC and quoted around $1700 and about 1 hour. Cool, no problem. When I get there I asked the tech to confirm that they had the correct parts in stock and they did. He did say that it was going to take close to 3 hours for the repair which I was not prepared for, especially since they didn't have a loaner available and it just snowed 3 inches that morning. Bummer.

Okay fine, just call me when done. Off we go trudging through the snow to enjoy the morning anyway. Close to 3 hours and I go back to find that they still aren't done but very close, I had a coolant issue that they also fixed so that is good.

The new screen is amazing! The price is a bit higher than I would like but tech is rarely cheap. I have a new Y also and can attest that the replacement is just as good as the ones coming out in production right now for the 3/Y cars. All in all my wife is happy so therefore I am happy.
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you paid $1700 recently? its a $1500 upgrade and that includes labor, or are you including tax in that amount?
Source: i did the MCU2 upgrade 2 weeks ago for $1500+$500 for the FM radio. It did take 2 days and they forgot to turn on my steering wheel heater but they did that OTA the following day.
I was on fence for a year debating. Got it done for my MCU 1 HW3 model x on Friday. My god what a difference in everything. Sure visualizations are nice, but everything just works snappy. Noticed my LTE connection is much stronger and more reliable than before. Music sounds slightly better, don't see why it would effect it. Maps load instantly.

Just do it.