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MCU1 owners: what should we expect from our cars?

You’ll need to upgrade to MCU2 to get a good experience going forward. $1,500 to bring a 5+ year old car up to speed UI wise isn’t that bad. Get over yourself.
Minor correction...$1750 plus tax...$2250 with radio...plus months of waiting...if ever. "unprecedented times"

I'll never hassle the folks at the service center...they don't make the rules. That's what arbitration is for...

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You all are like the people who walk around bragging that you still have an iPhone 4 😂
2022.8.10.1 gave me most of the fixes that I could hope for. Yes, there's been regression since 2017, but overall I'm pretty happy with my MCU1, currently. FSD Beta isn't reason enough for me to upgrade, yet.

Got a giggle reading the MCU2 upgrade website..."Gives you the ability to play graphics intensive games, like Stardew Valley..." :eek: 8 bit graphics, yo!!!
Take rates are falling because it's $15k, not because it will never be done.
If FSD was still $3k, I could see a 50% take rate just based on the beta and novelty alone.
You are entitled to your opinion. I also understand confirmation bias. There are some people here that have supported FSD over many cars. Many thousands of dollars and not much to show for it. They are suitably angry. I got it on a used 2021 MY and I am not impressed. Maybe 5-10 years out it may be worth something but the current cars won’t have the sensor suite or computer power to utilize the future software. So you basically have funded a novelty piece of software. Great that some of you have done that but to me that is not money well spent.
At no point in my 2016 MS did I feel like they owed me some level of performance in the MCU. It was slow from day one compared to other touch experiences, it's never been fast. It wasn't until I had a Model X with MCU2 that I saw the difference. The reason to upgrade to MCU2 is the functional aspects of the voice control and navigation. The difference is night and day. You can either look at this as "it's just two features" or "two features that you use countless times over the course of a day and 100s to 1000s of times a year." The issue with MCU1 is not space, it's that the Nvidia Tegra chip is trash and really outdated. It's slow and no amount of software changes will fix that. Actual specs here: Tesla MCU Index - ARM Tegra, Intel Atom, AMD Ryzen

Highly recommend the upgrade, makes the car feel new.
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Aug 1, 2015
Minor correction...$1750 plus tax...$2250 with radio...plus months of waiting...if ever. "unprecedented times"

I'll never hassle the folks at the service center...they don't make the rules. That's what arbitration is for...

I was quoted $2250 a few days ago for the MCU2 upgrade, with no mention of the FM radio, so I assumed that was the price without the radio....
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Man, OP, even by your own account you really pulled a Karen there in the service center. It’s not an $80k luxury car. It’s a $40k car with a $20k battery and $20k worth of software. You’ll need to upgrade to MCU2 to get a good experience going forward. $1,500 to bring a 5+ year old car up to speed UI wise isn’t that bad. Get over yourself.
If we're comparing to comparable ICE cars, I'd say it's more like a $60k car + $20k battery. Every other luxury car out there has nearly just as much software. Look at supercruise available in ICE Cadillacs for example. BMS software wouldn't be in and ICE car, but also engine control software isn't in an EV. So it evens out. Every high-ish end car out there right now is a computer on wheels. The only difference is ICE or Battery-electric motor.

As for pulling a "Karen" I disagree. I had a Mercedes E-class wagon before this. When I replaced it, the E-class was over 10 years old, and well out of warranty (over 100kmi). All the electronic UX stuff and computers worked exactly as slowly as they did on day one. Some buttons had failed, some pixels in the displays had died, but the fundamental performance of the overall UX was exactly the same as it had ever been. In contrast MCU1 has been progressively getting worse every year, with a few bumps or plateaus in degradation with some of the SW updates that have happened. I would bet that most 2017 Mercedes E or BMW 5 cars still work as when new, when it comes to the UX.
This is what I'd like to see. No more "future functionality" promises...mark the platform as mature, Gimme the last major release, and now just do minor security patches. Security patches will always be necessary because the cars are basically eternally connected IoT devices, but IMO, I never wanted a bunch of games or apps or a fart machine....just a car that runs on a stable platform and boots up in 2 seconds every time I get in. I really don't mind if it's a bit slow, after all it's a 12 year old hardware spec, but reliability is king.

I worry that they've set the expectation that all of their older cars will function like the brand new ones, and when you basically have an old Windows XP machine expected to run Windows 11 without any hardware changes, which ain't gunna happen.
I agree. This is rediculous. They should make another mcu without Netflix and the rest. Long as it works for fsd. Better yet. Just use current mcu2’s and lock us out of all the other stuff. If we want it we can then pay the 1500. Can’t say we necessarily got a upgrade . We shouldn’t be paying for basic functionality on something we paid for already because of hardware that supposed to be included
I’ve had endless problems since the MCU recall. They actually did it twice because the 1st replacement was worse than the original. Now I’m having issues with Bluetooth, audio, seats and most recently:

If this was a phone…ok but a new one. But a car should be able to run and cared as it becomes a classic with proper maintenance. It’s not acceptable… my Mac Computer has lasted longer.
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It’s pretty simple. Tesla promised me my 2017 S had all it needed to have FSD. That wasn’t true and it upgraded me to hw3.0. (And what was Tesla thinking sell me FSD for just $3000?)

The FSD beta requires MCU2. I shouldn’t have to pay for MCU2. Tesla has choices here and none of them entail me spending money on MCU2.

2022.8.10.1 and 2022.8.10.5 proved two things:

* You don’t need new hardware to make the display respond properly

* Tesla is blowing a lot of money on a parallel operating system just to avoid a class action lawsuit from people who bought FSD on old cars

Tesla should just provide free upgrades to MCU2 for every FSD owner. After the fake eMMC recall was announced it reinbursed those who upgraded because it eMMC problems. Why then and not us?

As to the assertion we are out of warranty: nope

Our records show that you own, or previously owned, a Model S/X that was built before March 2018. It may be eligible for Tesla’s Warranty Adjustment Program covering malfunction of a memory chip (embedded MultiMediaCard).This malfunction may result in a blank or intermittently blank touchscreen but will not impact the ability to drive your car.​
Tesla is providing eligible owners who experience a malfunction no-cost repairs to this part at any Tesla Service Center for 8 years/100k miles from initial delivery date. If you do not experience a malfunction, there’s no need to take action.​

Granted it is a fake warranty as Tesla refuses to fix it.
Try to upgrade the main computer in any other car to get the latest software.
I bought the MCU 2 for my 2014 p85+, and it really is worth it.
The MCU 1 is a what, 2010 design? That is beyond ancient regarding hardware.
Yes true it is very old (although 2016+ models have "MCU1.5" which apparently included some improvements I'm not aware of).
Point is, for a car, it should run as expected when the car was still new-ish, IMO. If you want the upgraded features, you can upgrade, awesome. If you're happy with the original performance, you should be able to have that for no extra cost, for at least as long as the warranty applies.
I have the extended warranty which cost >$2000 IIRC, and have barely used it. I think having to also pay for a replacement MCU while still covered is not OK.
Having to pay for an upgraded MCU is not acceptable. During the warranty period Tesla should insure efforts to extend the useful and desirable lifetime of the car. What Warnings Does The Tesla MCU Provide Before Giving Up?

If Tesla is going to push over the air updates that create logs which make the MCU obsolete then they should be responsible to replace the MCU's.

The bottom line, Tesla has a Memory Problem that needs to be replaced and it’s not acceptable to be replaced with the same unit that you know is going to have another problem. I’ve learned Elon has been telling people they can upgrade to the new version, as they know the MCU in all of these cars made before 2018 will fail.
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