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Measurements of rear seats

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Hi guys

We are currently driving a Model 3 LR. Since we expect our third child next spring we are currently looking for a new vehicle to make sure we have enough cargo space and can fit 3 childs on the rear seats. Since I primary use the car alone and only for holidays with all 3 kids and my wife I do not like to have a huge car like Model X and drive it alone most of the time.

Thats why I am really interested in Model S Plaid. Because they are currently not available in Switzerland but hopefully will arrive within the next weeks I wanted to ask you whether someone of you has managed to put 3 child-seats or 2 child-seats and 1 booster seat to the second row of Model S Plaid. Our two older childs are 2 and 4 years old.

And if someone knows the distance between the two inner isofix mounts (blue arrow) and between the inner two buckles (orange arrow) that would be awesome.

Thx in advance guys.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 15.15.35.png
Thx a lot, that helps. One other question:

To mount our existing child seats (Axkid Minikid 3) we need to mount some straps on the rails of the front seats (see images attached, Alt B). In our current Model 3 it worked. Does anyone of you has an image on how those rails look like in Model S Plaid? Do they have some little air below where such a strap could be passed through?

In this video you could see how it should be mounted at arround 4:00.


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