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Media Player Letter Selector

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On the media player using the USB as music source.
I select "Artist" and the list pops up of all the artist and on the far right I have the alphabet to select from.
The problem is it always misses when I select a letter in the media player.

If I select M it will display the letter M as a confirmation but the song list starts with K or L but not M.
It does do this for all the letters.

Anyone else?
I've got over 9,000 songs on my USB. The USB UX is atrocious.

One thing I have found to be helpful is using folders extensively (mostly putting albums in their own folder and often grouping by artist or however). While you can pull up albums in the standard UX, when you have a larger library, it isn't much help for the same issues you mention.

While I haven't experimented yet with how deep you can you, I have music embedded four folders deep. I would guess the limit is the FAT32 file name length limit of 255 characters (folder names + file name)
How do you sort thru the artist to select then?
I don't keep that much music on the drive - only anywhere between 25-100 folders. Everything is in folders, which are set up like albums are. Folders are named "artist"-"album name". I only use folder view to find things.

Some people like to keep large libraries on their drives - personally I have no need for that - time in the car is limited, so I only keep new, unlistened to stuff on the drive, and usually listen to it once, then delete it and replace it. I'm massaging the drives contents about once a week or so. It's still a lot of stuff - I can go on a 3 weeks long road trip (did that recently), driving 8 hours a day, playing usb music all the time, and never repeat or run out of stuff. BTW I'm not preaching this method - it's just what works for me after a lot of experimentation - find and use whatever method works for you.
I also have 1 folder for each artist, and the songs of 1 album. If there are more than 2 albums, then there's a sub-folder for each. That's it. But I don't know what happened, that now there's a folder for the artist, then a folder for each album. And the folders I had with mixed songs, like Latin, new age, etc., the stupid computer made a folder and sub-folder of each freaking song. I was going to blame Tesla, but just looked at my computer, and it's all messed up there too. Maybe one of the cars did that, because I remember copying a USB into my computer when it crapped out. Or the new computer did something. Will try to copy a USB from a car that I haven't touched, and see what happens. I want it like before.