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Wiki Mega-consolidated delivery quality issues thread and checklist

Actually, I am. Got a full days dump today from the best tech I ever met (Anthony).

New yoke, no buzz. Will be updating soon.
Good to hear. I’ll remember that name. Actually, I think he came out for my old S. Interestingly enough it was to replace my steering wheel.

As for SVc’s im bailing on Camarillo and going back to Agoura. They were and probably are still the best out in our neck of the woods.
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As I'm hoping to take delivery of my Model S Plaid soon, I've trying to put together a consolidated list of all the issues folks have been finding at the time of delivery of their cars, so I can look out for such issues before accepting delivery of mine.

The goal would be to note all issues of concern to you, take photos of them, and decide whether you want to take delivery as is and deal with them at service centers, or raise them to delivery specialists and potentially refuse delivery.

I know there's already a refresh issues thread going, and I've been inspired by that one a lot, but this one is specifically for things to look out for at delivery, and it's also not a pros/cons or list of dislikes.

Note that this does NOT include software issues or missing features, which we hope will be fixed with OTA updates over time.

If you've already taken delivery and see anything missing, please add it by incrementing the list with a numbered item.

Hoping this list will help others who are also about to take a delivery. Enjoy!

  1. Paint scratches/dents/peeling/swirl marks
  2. Paint bubbles/foreign objects under paint
  3. Adhesive residue on paint, lights, glass, or exterior trim
  4. Panel gaps: door, trunk lid, or frunk misalignment
  5. Trunk liner not secure/popped up
  6. Clear coat sag on leading edges
  7. Rubber seal hanging down behind front grill
  8. Condensation in head/tailights
  9. Watermarks on windshield that can’t be wiped off
  10. Spoiler misalignment/edges lifting
  11. Scratched glass (on the outside)
  12. Rear license plate frame dented/bent
  13. Passenger door not closing
  14. Door handle stuck when retracting, continuous whirring sound
  15. Door handle rubbing against door shell when presenting
  16. Door bottom corner inside folds
  17. Driver door inside trim nick on panel (where it meets the dash when closed)
  18. Yoke rubber cover coming loose on corner
  19. Worm/vein in yoke airbag cover
  20. Interior trim scratches
  21. Adhesive residue on interior trim, console, seats, etc.
  22. Seat bolster wrinkled
  23. Bubbles in door panels
  24. Center console sliding door not staying open/always slids shut
  25. Interior fabric in door panel not fully set/glued down
  26. Ambient floor lights not all working
  27. Loose object ratting/rolling around inside door panel
  28. Dent in the main speaker grill in dash under windshield
  29. Rear door panels misalignment
  30. Poor seams on rear seats
  31. Front side triangle window not connected to the weatherstrip
  32. Loose A pillar
  33. Lightbulb in the center console storage popped out
  34. Clogged up perforations in a-pillar speaker grill
  35. Interior rubber seals misaligned (trunk, doors)
  36. Windshield/rear/side windows glass distortion
  37. Scroll wheel on yoke squeaks when rolling up/down
  38. Sideview mirrors squeak (touch or open/close door)
  39. Carpeting not extended all the way to the rubber seals in door sill
  40. Glue in joints of the yoke
  41. Driver side door handle gets stuck in extended position
  42. Frunk internal insulation is loose by fender near the lid piston
  43. Wheel well has trim sticking out
  44. Frunk lid standoffs not touching body on one side
  45. Wrinkled/uneven rubber gasket around the doors
  46. Rubber cover around the front trunk area on the passenger side is a little loose/short
  47. Excess paint/drip on corner of some pieces
  48. Some door handles recessed more than normal causing the light to be partially hidden
  49. Squeaking noise while pulling on door handles
  50. Squeaking noise on side view mirror black plastic trims
  51. Big tear on the side of the dashboard near the A pillar on the driver side
  52. Some type of residue on dashboard
  53. Whistling noise from A/C when passenger side is not active
  54. Missing privacy shelf in trunk
  55. Missing lower trunk space covers (one large, one small on the left)
  56. Missing fasteners in the wheel well
  57. Cracks in wood trim
  58. Scratches under the car, especially front bumper
  59. Wrinkles in rear seat bench
  60. Alignment of roof glass - check that gaps are roughly equal on driver and passenger side, particularly if intending to install a roof rack
Quite the list, I know.. but wait, there's more!

The below issues would only be noticeable upon entering the car/driving, so not sure they can be checked before accepting/refusing delivery:
  • Ultrasonics not sensing objects
  • Steering yoke rubs when you turn
  • Car pulling to one side or the other (misaligned wheels)
  • Sideview mirrors shake/vibrate at speed
  • Turn signal error due to Broken wire
  • Rattles on various trim while driving
  • Rattle from outside of car with window down
  • Rattle in back somewhere when going over a bump
  • Slight vibration in steering wheel above 70pmh
  • Whistling wind noise at speed
  • Clunk/thud in front suspension when going over speed bumps
  • Vibration when accelerating from 38-42mph
  • Subwoofer slider having no impact to bass levels
List of “loose” items you should get at delivery:
  • 2 key fobs (looks like little toy cars)
  • 2 key cards
  • Mobile connector with 110V adapter
  • J1772 adapter
  • Zippered storage bag for mobile connector and adapter
  • Registration paperwork
  • Floor mats
  • Rear trunk privacy shelf
  • Large rear trunk cargo cover
  • Small rear trunk cargo cover (left side)
  • Rear license plate frame
  • Monroney window sticker (US version)
The attached PDF file includes the items listed above (as of 9/3/21) combined with the list found in a post from @jeremymc7 at New Model S inspection or checklist

Good luck to everyone taking deliveries!!
Is this the most up to date list you created? My apologies I am new to this forum. I am still waiting RN1149 MS LR in Delaware. Dates July 11-August 25
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Nose cone car > MS LR?
Nov 19, 2018
Los Angeles
Here is a new one. Heater vent covers are plastic welded to the carpet, this one broke loose.


  • IMG_20220621_144907655.jpg
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Nose cone car > MS LR?
Nov 19, 2018
Los Angeles
And another one...valence panel over foot pedals has broken attachments.

Got my missing mats and covers and fobs today. Only 3.25 weeks after delivery.

Fobs don't come with boxes anymore.

Privacy shelf dirty, despite being in plastic cover. Full of wood debris, as is someone put it on a particle board shelf. When trying to clean it, the bottom was a problem as the fuzzy liner material started to come off in strands.

Pics of cover below:


  • IMG_20220622_132721618.jpg
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  • IMG_20220622_132712346.jpg
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