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Melbourne Owners Lounge

I am loosing track of changes going on, Is the "Melbourne Owners Lounge" at the Tesla service center in Cremorne, Melbourne still a thing?

If not, wondering if there is anywhere nearby where I can work on a laptop while waiting for my car to be serviced (expected to take all day).
You can wait there all day if you want. Chairs are uncomfortable, loud music playing all day, 1/10 would not recommend.
Ask them for Uber credits to get you somewhere nicer.
Dont ask for a uber fare to the adelaide ‘lounge’. We get a hard park bench and a couple of stackup plastic chairs within a big industrial shed, althpugh its on articificial grass.......
Good wifi though as the area is connected to gigabit adelaide, and unlike Cremorne we have two coffee shops to choose from
There was a nice coffee / cafe with partial outdoor area inside the building (near Disney) in Newton St at the back of Telsa Richmond. I sat there most of the day on my laptop when my windscreen was replaced. Go for a walk along the Yarra as well to help the day pass. That was Christmas 2019 just before COVID so not sure if its still there.
Summary of my experience.

According to Google Maps there are some nearby cafe/restaurants:

  • Ginja Ninja - Japanese style - behind back on Hargreaves Street. I didn't see any sign of it. There was an empty room though, so wonder if this use to be it.
  • Blendco. Smoothies, on Newton Street. Didn't see any sign of this place. Didn't look hard though, but it was still there I wouldn't expect to have to look too hard.
  • Top Paddock. Apparently most people go here. Was rather busy during lunch period, and seats are hard wood seats. Don't think I would want to stay too long.
  • Pub and Pizza place across Church St. I didn't checkout either.
The Tesla Lounge:
  • No free bottled water anymore.
  • All the Tesla superchargers seemed to be in constant demand. Wouldn't count on using them during business hours.
  • Perhaps had the most comfortable seats (yes, this isn't saying much).
  • One seat is near a power point. But not so much the case for the others. Fortunately, demand for seats was low.
  • speedtest reported around 5ms/120Mbps/94Mps on the free wifi. So not bad.
  • Free wifi kept dropping out. As in the wifi connection was still connected, but experienced 100% (or close to it) packet loss. I had to keep resetting the wifi connection.
  • Music not ideal. I intended to take my noise cancelling headset but forgot :-(.
  • Distracting atmosphere. Constant flow of people walking through, often complaining about Tesla. Or complaining that Tesla Support number told them something very different to what Tesla Service people are now telling. I can understand the frustration if you were told to visit the service center, only to find the service center people saying they can't help you (this was taken outside so not sure if it was resolved or not).
  • When I got alert on my phone saying car was ready to get picked up, I was very unclear what was expected of me, or where I should be waiting.