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Mercedes B-Class + ChaDeMo

Hey , FYI
for those of you that have/had/would like to have/ one of these nifty vehicles but were turned off by the lack of fast charging, QuickChargePower just released their "Add ChaDeMo" product.

Mercedes B-Class ED / B250e <- Link to QuickChargePower site.

I have found the B-class to be a superb vehicle, IMO coming out superior to an Audi Q3, (better ride, longer wheelbase, same width ... other than 4wd), and vastly superior in size and features and quality and comfort and ride and peppiness to any other "little EVs" I've owned or have driven.

Compare the Q3 and B-Class here (give Alpha time to load):
Wolfram|Alpha: Making the world’s knowledge computable <- Link to AudiQ3 vs MB-B-Electric

Unfortunately the B-Class was just crippled in their inter-urban capacity by their lack of quick charging (although I found the 9.6 kW onboard charger useful).

A used B-Class, plus this add-on, would IMO make it a fantastic urban car while being making it a reasonable interurban option especially in the Pacific Northwest where ChaDeMo is pervasive in and around town.

Also, I've had nothing but superb experiences with QuickChargePower staff and their products (I've never done a vehicle mod).

Good to see more offers for EVs filling in smaller and lower-priced segments.