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Mercedes EQS Sedan: Rival to Tesla Model S

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Another Tesla killer?

I think what we are seeing is that EVs will start cutting into the demand for ICE vehicles. Tesla may be able to maintain its market share while other companies make more EVs. For example, Mercedes may steal market share from its oen ICE vehicles rather than from Tesla.

I do think it's great that more EVs are coming out. Right now, the choices are limited.
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It seems high-end companies are releasing ev...it also seem tesl a isn't so high-end anymore with the generic ugly model 3 release

So BMW, Mercedes and Audi aren't high end? Tesla Model 3 has taken a ton of sales away from the BMW 3-Series.

I agree in that the more EVs the better. Need to get some cheaper options in the next few years to finally get the masses to buy EVs.

"Mercedes-Benz has unveiled today the specs of its upcoming EQS electric sedan and confirmed a range of up to 478 miles on a big 108 kWh battery pack.

The full unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz EQS isn’t planned until April 15, but the German automaker has been doing a slow unveiling leading up to the event.

Last week, it unveiled the interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Today, the automaker is releasing all the specs of the electric sedan.

Some of the key specs include two battery pack options of 90 kWh and 107.8 kWh, which Mercedes-Benz believes will enabled a range of up to 770 km (478 miles) on a single charge.

That’s based on the WLTP cycle.

The EPA range in North America can vary based on choices from the automaker, but it undoubtedly will be well over 300 miles thanks to that large battery pack and a Cd value from 0.20 – making it one of the most aerodynamic cars ever.

Other important specs include 245 to 385 kW of power output depending on the motor configuration and a fast-charging capacity of 200 kW."