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Message "Trunk is ajar" is missing, schematic indication on touch sreen too

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hi folks,

new (small) trouble on my 2.0! since my last self service (PEM plus motor cleaned, rear fan replaced) i do not get that message "Trunk is ajar" anymore when the car is beeing started and it´s s tail is open. also the indication (red trunk) in the schematic picture of the car on the touch screen (when the parking brake is engaged) is missing. all other indications work. could the cleaning job have caused the failure or did this coincidence become manifest randomly?

any idea which switch/sensor is responsible for the specific signal and fails? the electric contact switch near the left trunk locking seems to switch the trunk light only. i can not find any other responsible switch or connector.

thank you!

Holger - I think what Supersnoop is saying is that there is no "capacity indicator" stored anywhere on the battery, so there is nothing to accept.

The car has an internal estimate of the battery capacity (CAC) that it constantly updates based on charging/discharging characteristics. That calculation assumes that the capacity only changes slowly. It will take a while and a number of cycles for it to catch up to the "jump" in capacity with the new battery.

SOC (State of Charge - Ladezustand) means how "full" the battery is (and that you can measure "live")