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Messed up my silver trim on my dash

So I tried super glueing down the dash cap from tsportline I installed recently. The cap seemed to fit fine on the passenger side but doesn’t sit all the way on the driver side corner. I decided I would try to super glue it down since it stays temporarily by simply holding it down. The double sided adhesive doesn’t stick well on that side so I used glue. Unfortunately it didn’t really do anything except make a mess and get onto the silver trim below the dash piece. I tried taking a wet cloth to wipe it off and eventually rubbing alcohol. It didn’t come off and I scratched some of it. I’m debating whether I should just have that section wrapped in a silver vinyl or if it would look good wrapping the whole bottom piece across to the passenger side in a metallic blue to match the outside color of my car. I realize doing the top piece to match would probably look better but would be very difficult to do. Any thoughts?


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Just tried acetone and it definitely helped. Didn’t have time to get it all off but it looks better. If I can get it a little better I’ll probably just leave it. If not I may have it wrapped. Still like the metallic blue idea but I think getting the area behind the steering wheel would be difficult.
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