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Meursault's 48 hours with the Model S

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Meursault, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Meursault

    Meursault Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    #1 Meursault, Jan 11, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
    Cusp of Revolution - Meursault's 48 hours with the Model S

    As a more silent member of this board (long time listener/reader), I do NOT feel like I need to repeat the sentiments of those that have received vehicles already – so here I go with a novel of my own. Just sincerely know, when that day comes, the car is pure bliss – we are alive and have the opportunity to own such a vehicle - we can *finally* free ourselves from flipping between this site and the Tesla site's forum (love you all, but honestly, this site kills productivity and productivity for the most us financially allows us to experience the Model S, so...)!

    For those folks with low attention spans for reading - here is the headline - THE CAR IS AN EPIPHANY.
    There is nothing more than that word to describe it. Yep - there are flaws ("hi - just got your $100k car?! - ok, that warning about tire pressure - no worries - just ignore it – it is an error like when you get in Windows" - Uh, really?! – I am a Mac user.), but we are talking about a car company that is a mere babe compared to the other 'luxury' car brands (sorry, Fisker you are not even in the same realm).

    Dolphin Grey Model S 3722- you are the most amazing incredible ridiculous thing that I have ever owned - exemplified by the fact that I just went to physically check on you (comfy in a covered/heated/expensive downtown parking structure - but chargepoint failure made me think there was an issue!) at 2am because I am dealing with an unexpected-second-car-in-a-one-car parking-situation-lifestyle problem in an urban landscape. The S was perfectly fine sipping slow-ass chargepoint current and simply complaining about tire pressure (which is supposedly a software flaw – see below).

    My story: Long time serial BMW X-5 owner. Bought the first on ebay unseen (ha – don’t judge b-ch), but now on #4 (a 2011 5.0 - in case anyone is interested in purchasing, because it is clearly for sale). Crazy great cars those X-5ers. For those in Chicago (or read newspapers) - remember when Lake Shore Drive was closed two winters ago because of that insane snow storm? Yep, was in that insanity driving, and basically powered through it with no issues. The "Joy" of driving. X5 – just do not go to Perillo Chicago whatever you do! Seriously. It Is the end of the world. Use the suburbs – way better and you will see a huge difference.

    Received my Model S Wednesday, January 9 (P85, Dolphin grey, black interior, everything else you can get except third row seats). VIN 3277, P6366. I also supposedly have the distinction of being the first VIN with a "D" designation meaning model year 2013 even though I have the proof that the car was loaded on the shipping truck on 12/31/2012. And in some ways this is exactly the wonder and question of Tesla and the Model S (here is the theme and cliff of the story of my story)...

    ***Build up on timing - Mostly unfair teasing despite awesome intentions. It was like a perverse japenese game show - "Yes - before 2013 you will have the car" - "No way you will get the car before Feb 2013" - "Change of plan and now you WILL have it in December" - "Nope, not coming until sometime in Jan". All of this is difficult because we are clearly obsessed (you know you are if you have read this far) and thus we draw those around us into the obsession circle to comfort our clear psychological disorder, and so then when we get excited about the car being delivered in December, those around us glom onto that notion, only to be destroyed by the fact that the car might be months ‘delayed’. Tesla should set expectations lower in these early days for delivery timing. Everyone hated me for not getting this car on time – maybe my fault – mostly Tesla’s fault for being such a flaunty tease.

    ***Delivery experience – weird – Random truck person (super nice though – great humor) calling me to say that it was on its way. Then silence. Then it is coming to my condo the next morning in a very difficult downtown Chicago with above head trains (the EL), etc., blah. And then NO because that is insane and so where should it be delivered? And then a suggestion of the actual Tesla service center (by me). And then confusion over whether it is allowed. And then a 10am meeting that turns into noon to pick up the car. If you have waited for years for something, all of the above is a mere bump in the road, but for a normal consumer of automobile product, my guess is that there is no way in hell this will work. Hopefully, my dear Tesla Motors Company, you are just spitting these things out so fast to the true believers that you are ignoring the crazy (used in this manner, not so great) model of delivery that you now have in place. In a word – SUCKS – be better. So easy to correct this and so just do it.

    ***The Car Itself and First Impressions - “Tess” – amazing. Honestly I have no loss for words normally (clearly), but this is a breathtaking car / machine – entity? It is just nuts. There have been many riders in the last 24 hours, and everyone was of the same opinion (to quote one rider – “extraordinary”). The Tesla smile has dawned over and over again as I push the car to 60 mph in such a brief time period with no gear changes. Candidly, I was feeling a little like a wuss for “Dolphin Grey” but as the cab approached the Tesla service center that fateful morning of delivery with my car clearly sitting in the middle of the road, my goodness. Incredible. All you other color choice folks made some serious errors ☺ . I had the good luck of being also one of the first recipients of the Model S in Chicago with no due bill issues. Nothing was owed to me at the time of delivery. Go you Tesla! Having read and copiously studied so much about something, it was strange to actually encounter it in real life especially since my only other time with the Model S was on my 7.25 minute test drive 5 months earlier. Sitting there, in MY Tesla with the ability to just drive away and drive the way I wanted without a handler was the feeling of exhilaration. An UTTERLY silent feeling, mind you. This thing is crazy quiet. Almost hit someone in a parking lot today because I forget that they cannot hear me . Seriously - be crazy (in a thoughtful manner) careful with this car because it is so silent.

    ***The Car Itself and Second Impressions – wow. This is clearly the future. $100 for premium gas for 290 miles is insane (yes, confessions of the 5.0 X5 owner), but I did not make the jump to Tesla for that reason. I am amped for the future of Tesla and its car owners. This is like a sandbox. I came up with 15 apps today. Clearly people on this site have a huge amount of interest in software improvements that are within reach, and so we stand on the precipice of the iphone car. I remember the first time holding onto an ipod that could contain 50 songs, and I was totally floored. HA. Fast forward and now - the iphone revolutionized the ‘app’ industry and so too here can Tesla. This has so far been a fanboy review of the Model S, but honestly it is also on the teetering edge of being a Delorean. This site has humbled me in the information of the community available on one single subject, and so I am curious to know more about what the average is for early adopters of tech. I am fortunate, as most of the readers of this site that own these cars or have reservations, to live in a gifted world where the Model S was a reasonable financial option for me – however, we all know that this car can’t work for “Joe the Plummer” (wasn’t this the name from a recent election?). Where is the median of buyers for the Model S? Yep, Gen III – still when? And look at me – no garage of my own – have to hustle some crazy parking garage situation only out of love – is a person that is not obsessed with a product going to visit his/her car in the dead of night because of a worry regarding charging? Hm.

    ***The Car Itself and Penultimate Thoughts – Great and magnificent. My mind is actually changed from 24 hours of use as I have no idea why I actually have to turn a key to turn something on or do some special action to turn something off. I have taken a number of people for test drives, and they are all blown away. At the same time they question the fundamentals – charging, etc. Clearly we are at the beginning of a war of standards on charging, and so please please please Tesla, do not be so cautious – go aggressive with your standard and the super charging protocol. Same thing with the Tesla API for the apps on the car – SO many options – this site proves how nuts people are for this car – take advantage of this and own this category. Look at how Sony won the blu-ray battle by selling the PS3 under cost (sorry to “geek out” for the non-gaming readers). Blu-ray is now the standard. Do it. So funny to say to someone that in Chicago my best available option to charge without a strange situation was 8 hours with a stupid chargepoint. That just does not make sense if super chargers are available. Partner with gas stations which are clearly the dying breed – do something – get this tech out and consumers will follow. It is the easiest and most straight forward way to make change. Look at all the stupid iphone accessories that are out there using that terrible proprietary apple connection.

    ***The Car Itself and final comments – Tesla has a great start here. It has so many funny flaws too. It is a modern wonder and a question of viability at the same time. Imagine just stepping into a very defined industry and proclaiming a revolution. This Model S is goofy in a weird way – we all know it on the site that have taken delivery – these seats and the “B pillar” – great to make us question why the heck I had to do something more than engage drive and then actually drive – but you got all "Toyota Prius" on us with the seats, etc. To keep it going - The structure of purchase/delivery itself needs a ton of work for the normal consumer. Us insane Tesla lovers – no problem – but for everyone else – no way. My gosh, you have spent a ton of money on the other things with this car – this is incredibly easy actually – private message me or anyone else on this site with experience in the area and we will transform (in a good way) the Tesla delivery situation. We can fix this.

    On the car itself. It is great. It has flaws. Seats suck (as mentioned before)– sorry Elon – you are a god to me, but these just do not meet the bar - same with the leather on the steering wheel. No rear floor mats? Terrible call to increase margin. I have to think this was some sort of weird flaw that you were not aware of and it passed under the shade of night because it is CRAZY - $100k car = floor mats.

    Oh boy here comes the very unhappy list - PLEASE DO NOT TELL US THAT ATT IS THE PROVIDER FOR CELL SERVICE. Maybe the worst company in the US next to AIG. And this B-pillar stuff I am starting to agree with. No issue on my test drive but as a 24 hour owner, I can see the issue. It is almost ripped apart – 24 hours – bad. I can just see the “lemon law” recall class action. Do not even understand why that pillar is there the way it is (sorry if I offend a great engineering mind out there – your car is great! Just flawed like the rest of us). Delivery experience (yes, a second time, because it is so important and it is a mess)– ok, revolutionary product, but seriously, fix this stuff.

    ***Conclusion - All you reservation holders that follow this board – you will f-ing die when you get this car. It is insane. So amazing. No words do it justice.

    Congrats Tesla. Most fantastic automobile ever created. Great intro – now do more!
  2. sublimaze1

    sublimaze1 8Dec2012 / Leeroy Jenkins

    Sep 6, 2012
    Basin City, TX
    Very emotional post - I like that. Glad to see it has the same affect time after time. Still loving mine ....
  3. dsm363

    dsm363 Roadster + Sig Model S

    May 17, 2009
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Sony of course had the funds to sell the PS3 at a loss for a few years until it reached market dominance which Tesla can't afford to do but think by selling such a compelling product, maybe they'll get there as well.
  4. eelton

    eelton Member

    Sep 23, 2012
    Chicago, IL
    Great post. I'm glad to hear someone else in urban Chicago is buying a Tesla. I also wondered about taking delivery, since a transport truck wouldn't fit into my neighborhood very well. It's good to know I can take delivery at the service center, although it doesn't sound like I should expect a great experience with that.

    And as for dealing with having more cars than parking spots, I've become a master at it--three cars with a two car garage. One stays at my work garage at any given time. It's like a game of musical chairs.
  5. stephenpace

    stephenpace VIN S00219

    Dec 22, 2011
    Houston, TX
    Great post, totally agree with everything except the seats which I'm fine with. I can see the issue about delivery at a service center, though. I'm guessing in Texas that would not be allowed since it would look like you were taking delivery at the "Dealer", which Tesla isn't in Texas. They probably had to thread the needle on the IL version of that rule, although to be fair that service center should have already asked themselves that question and known the answer immediately.
  6. bonnie

    bonnie Oil is for sissies.

    Feb 6, 2011
    Columbia River Gorge
    Great post, great style, Mersault. Hope to see you more often on the forum.
  7. LagunaDallas

    LagunaDallas Member

    Dec 21, 2012
    Dallas & Laguna Beach
    Excellent read...thanks for taking the time to post it! I've custom ordered several cars over the years, and have never felt the excitement and anticipation of one as much as with the Tesla. Information you and others have posted here has been so helpful in going through the process and preparing for the delivery. Having had your same X5 (plus a 2007 4.8 and an early 2001), it's fun to see the incredibly wide range of people who are getting this car. They've had Audi R8s, 200K-mile Volvos, plush Lexus LS sedans, a modified Honda S2000, Priuses, gas-guzzling SUVs...the gamut. This forum really does kill productivity while giving an interesting glimpse into the lives of some very excited people who have made the big decision to support this new company. I've been very spoiled with the features and interior finish-out of the past few vehicles I've owned (MB CLS, Range Rovers, 7-Series), but the 'epiphany' aspect called for some compromise. I'm confident that Tesla will make some improvements in this department on the next round, but as you mentioned, it's an incredible first effort for a new manufacturer. Fantastic commentary and enjoy your vehicle!! Oh --- if you happened to lease your X5, put it on BMWFS is a dream to work with on lease transfers. I listed my current car the other day (in hindsight, a little early) and someone wants to take over the lease right off the bat, so it's a great way to get out of a deal without losing your tail. I'll impatiently wait for my 'Tess' in the meantime...
  8. KenEE

    KenEE P1937 Reward Excellence!

    May 27, 2010
    Thanks for the post Meursault!

    I agree with about everything you said. It is just an incredible execution in all but the B pillar. The delivery experience was the worst I've ever encountered and hope they fix that for future buyers.

    Seats can always be improved, and I wish they were, but I am quite happy with them how they are.

    Oh the B pillar! I was analyzing this during my drive into work and realized that C pillar is too far forward as well. The front door needs to be a good 3" longer and then let the rear door slide back as well. All big stuff though! Not a small change to move the B/C pillars back 3"!

    I do wonder what Tesla will do when the pillar gets trashed and I ask them to fix it. I consciously try to avoid touching it, but I'm not 100% so it will undoubtedly age prematurely and I do view it as a manufacturers defect.

    Still no other car I would rather have!
  9. sp4rk

    sp4rk Banned

    Apr 25, 2012
    Schaumburg, IL
    Great write up, Mersault ... see you tomorrow with it?
  10. Al Sherman

    Al Sherman It's about THIS car.

    Nov 29, 2012
    Batesville, IN
    I could be wrong but I'm getting the feeling he likes the car a little. :smile:
  11. Darkwax

    Darkwax Member

    Jan 11, 2013
    United States
    Great write up Meursault! How about some pictures of that beautiful dolphin grey? :)
  12. Kipernicus

    Kipernicus Model S Res#P1440

    Dec 2, 2009
    Belmont, CA
    yes! Looking forward to regaining some productivity.
  13. montgom626

    montgom626 Active Member

    Dec 15, 2012
    What do you mean by B-pillar stuff?
  14. Zextraterrestrial

    Mar 11, 2010
    Humboldt/Los Altos
    #14 Zextraterrestrial, Jan 11, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2013
    the B-pillar gets rubbed with entrance/exit of the S. Specifically, the stitching on the pillar

    when I was in Menlo around X-mas I was charging and took a look at their floor, non-driving model S. I took a look at the pillar just to see how damaged it was (which wasn't too bad considering the use of that one!) but the sales rep that I was sharing my experiences with noticed what I went straight to and commented. ' you know right exactly where to look... " Everyone seems to know of the issue.

    I am 5'10" and I personally never rub my B-pillar. I step in with one foot, grab my steering wheel as I get in and swing in to the seat. No rubbing...
    Rear seats are tricky (I guess? I didn't have problems when I tested all of the spots in my car :wink:) I have seen some people have minor issues, I'll just keep them out of my car I guess ;>
  15. jomo25

    jomo25 Active Member

    Mar 16, 2012
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Hmm, I know about the b-pillar wear issue. and i tested this multiple times and since my wife and i are both short, won't be an issue. I wasn't aware that it also was an issue for the back seats. Anyone got pics? I guess I didnt test this out.

    And as for the OP and the delirium Tess' arrival put him in, Congratulations! I look forward to the day I can experience this as well.
  16. IlliniT

    IlliniT Member

    Jul 25, 2012
    Did you have a NEMA 14-50 40 amp outlet installed? If so, who did the electrical work in your condo? I live downtown Chicago as well and am in the process of working these issues out. Thanks.
  17. aronth5

    aronth5 Long Time Follower

    May 8, 2010
    Boston Suburb
    Will you all please stop with these glowing reports of your driving experiences. I cannot take them anymore! They are just killing me as I "try" and hold off until Gen3.
    Hopefully I can find a way to be near the top of the list when Gen3 comes out so I can share with everyone how great it is. Unfortunately not sure
    I'm going to make it though:smile: The Model S gets sweeter after reading each new driving experience post.
  18. antochat

    antochat Pearl White P85

    Oct 25, 2012
    Portland OR
    Great read.
    Thanks a lot for posting!
  19. wycolo

    wycolo Active Member

    May 16, 2012
    WA & WY
    > The Model S gets sweeter after reading each new driving experience post. [aronth5]

    You deserve an S today!!
  20. lr1001

    lr1001 Member

    Dec 21, 2012
    Now on my 3rd month of ownership--I still have that same impression. It has not yet faded!

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