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Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

I called michelin directly and could not get any details on availability of the PSS tire in 245/35/21. Looks like it is on national back order for the last few months already.

to put it in perspective. the PS2 tire is low on inventory, and they have the following note below on tirerack website:
Availability: Fewer than 9, Additional Due 11/20/15

This tells me the chances of the PSS tire being available in 2015 is slim and probably will not be available till 2016.

With this in mind, might have to start looking for some alternatives.

I am in the same situation..
I've had mine on order with TireRack for 3 months already with no ETA in sight. Even if they were produced today it takes 6 weeks to get them from France per TireRack. Wouldn't count on them before summer ends.
I had originally intended to mount Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my staggered 21" setup (245/35/21--285/30/21). They're great tires and well-priced. Unfortunately, my installer could not get hold of the PSS's in the right size for the fronts. We both spent weeks trying to track a set down and I know there is a shipment coming over on the boat in the next couple of weeks that might have a set of 245/35/21s on it. In the end, even though I was willing to wait, I decided that mounting a set of tires that were so hard to find was a really bad idea since a blown tire (which happens all the time with 21"s) could potentially disable me for weeks or months unless I wanted to pay to mount my winter set while I waited however long it took for a replacement.

In the end, I went with a set of Continental Contisport Contact 5s in 245/35 ZR 21 (96Y) XL in the front and 285/30 ZR 21 (96Y) XL in the rear as they were the only max performance summer tires I was confident would be available if I ever needed replacements. They are very good tires that take the Model S to a completely different level of handling over the stock 19" Michellin Primacys. I did not spring for the Contisilents but I do not find the road noise exceedingly loud. Are they as good as the Pilot Super Sports? In my mind, not quite, but I know I can get hold of a replacement tire in a hurry if I need it. When your choice is your second choice tire vs. potentially walking, that's really no choice at all.
I had the Extreme Contact DW on my car for around 25k miles. Probably could have got 3k more miles out of them, but they started to get loud. For most of their life they weren't bad in the noise department -- on good pavement they were nearly silent, on grooved concrete freeways they were louder. Overall they were slightly louder than the stock 19in Michelin tires. Their handling is much sharper, they have way more grip, and noticeably better stopping distance than the 19in Michelin all season tires. Ride with the 21s and Contis was similar to, but slightly stiffer than the 19s with stock Michelins. Overall, I liked the 21s w/ Conti DW better than the 19s w/ stock Michelin.
FYI: I ordered a sit of the Michelins in late December of 2014; by July they were still AWOL with no expected arrival date so I went with the 21" Hankooks instead, saving almost a thousand (or a hair less?). Knowing I can get a replacement within a day is huge for peace of mind . . . .

OTOH, I'm pretty sure that Tesla can replace a set of Michelins, but at what cost and even if faster, there's still likely to be a delay of some sort I'd guess?
What are the best tires for a staggered setup with wear speed in mind? Michelin Pilots or ContiSportContact?

Honestly just about ANY tire built for these sizes currently are going to be performance oriented, thus ~20K is pretty much what your going to get.

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They fit with no problems.

Nice. I am just befuddled about how mine came with 265's where as others had 285's from the factory...

Car manufacture growing pains possibly?
My P85D came fitted with 265/35/21's on the rear and when I tried to have the service center mount some 285/30/21s they said they wouldn't fit...

They fit with no problems.

On the factory 9" rims? The spec sheet says 9.5" rims are needed for the 285's so I was planning on 275's. But I know you can sometimes squeeze a bit wider tires on a rim than the spec says, so if 285's fit the factory 9" staggered rims I'll go with that.