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Midnight Silver... Family Fail

WTF baby blue? I you sure they weren't looking at a silver metallic and how it reflects the sky? I've had a midnight silver metallic S for a year and it has never under any circumstance looked baby blue.

Picking up some blue hues on a particularly brilliant day? Sure. But straight up looking light blue? Never.
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Had set my eyes on the midnight silver color. Have not seen one yet in the wild. Last night wife and son claim to have seen it and in the sunlight claim the color looked more baby bluish and forbid me from getting that option.

If I had to choose between Midnight Silver Metalic and your family, I’d choose Midight Silver Metalic. Just sayin. :)
Baby blue?:confused:


Even in sun
I was very happy with the steel grey (renamed midnight silver - not to be confused with the original Tesla dolphin grey, which I preferred most of all). The steel grey (now midnight silver) does indeed have flecks of blue in that metallic although I've not heard it referred to as baby blue.

Midnight silver remains my favorite now-available colour, with kudos to the green and titanium/champagne colour that was short-lived. I never understood the need for 2 blacks and 2 whites, and always thought the cargo van white cars looked like panda bears given all of the black and silver trim and taillight red that comes with.

So why did I end up with the pearlescent white for the second chariot? It's actually an interesting color when clean and shiny and in direct light - as well as at night - go figure. Plus the blues just aren't the right shades for me - the original Tesla blue nor the more medium current variant.

Maybe someday... Wasn't the new paint shack supposed to support 16 colours? Heh.