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Minimum time from start of production to California SC delivery?

Assuming everything goes as rapidly as possible, what's the minimum interval between start of production -- the step after "entered the production queue" -- and delivery at a California Service Center?

This information will help in my time planning once the car enters production.
Sometimes it depends on what options you select. My friend ordered a P85d late last year, it was promised his car will be delivered before the year end, but after he paid the deposit, Tesla called him and told him that the car won't be ready until early 2015 unless he add smart air suspension. He felt he got cheated, he wants the car last year so he can apply the tax return soon. After he added the option, he received his car right before the new year eve.
The good thing is, he loves the smart air suspension now, he thinks it is one of the must have option.
Early- and mid-July California cars were ripping through quickly. This was just before the 70, 90 and Ludicrous mode options introduced. The TMC tracking sheet shows multiple that were delivered in under 30 days after confirmation. I do have to think that the new options were done to get more backlog of orders.
I ordered my 85D on 7/10; on 7/17 it was confirmed after my upgrade to a 90D; was told by my DS i was going to be behind the wheel by 8/17ish but as of today 8/20 the car has been in final testing and inspection for about 7 days. Not sure what is going on. My DS said he sent an email to get details so we will see what he has for me tomorrow. My financing expires on 8/23 so I am a bit frustrated (although they are giving me an extension). Hopefully it is delivered soon and there is nothing crazy wrong with the car.
I did an analysis of the vehicles tracked on the "Model S Delivery Update" thread spreadsheet and determined that the majority of cars delivered in California were delivered within 2 weeks of production start.
Tesla Production-Delivery Time.JPG
Tesla Production Start-Delivery Time.JPG
Great charts - Thank you! I was looking at the spreadsheet, depending on what day you start production - if it is Monday, it will be faster, since they do not work on weekends. Mine went into production on Tuesday night, hoping its done on Monday!