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Mirrors Unfolding behavior with secondary phone

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I haven't taken delivery of my TM3 yet, so forgive if this questions is obvious.

Does the fold / unfold mirrors based on geo-location override the auto-unfold on phone approach option?

I want the mirrors to fold when approaching the garage and unfold after i reach certain speed. ----I think it currently works like that.

The wife phone will be setup as a valid key as well, but what I don't want is that the mirrors will unfold because she gets on her car right next to mine.
I didn't even know you could unfold the mirrors as you approach the car. In fact, the car doesn't even let go of my J1772 charging cable until I physically touch the door handle, much less unfold mirrors.

On my car, it works exactly how you think it does. The mirrors don't unfold until you reach a certain speed.