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Miss you Already TM3

I dropped my car in the Body shop yesterday for a small rear repair from an incident back in July.

Someone was trying to parallel park and swiped my rear-end all while i was standing there.("The Horror")

I was given a loaner yesterday. New BMW 330i x-drive. I thought that's cool i'll see what the beamer lovers rave about.

I really miss my Model 3.

BMW is OK, but there is just too much going on with all the buttons, controls etc.
The only thing that i would say I like about the car is the seats. The cluster display has way too much in there. All you need is the Speedometer everything else is a distraction.

I almost rear ended someone because i forgot i wasn't using Autopilot.

bottom line here is enjoy your TM3 because the other car makers are at least 5 years behind the Tesla and its not just the battery.

I just dropped mine in the shop yesterday... it was either a Hyundai or a minivan...
Since I have to parallel park like 4x a day, I got the smaller car and hating every minute of it.
Having a Model 3 really spoils you.. although now I woudln't mind that bmw for a week
Now you get to experience the Tesla service loaner effect, where no matter the badge on the ICE, it's just underwhelming. :)

I was given an Infiniti QX30 as a loaner once (Enterprise), and nothing about it got me excited. In fact, I nearly rear ended a car as I forgot there was no regen braking. I couldn't wait to get back in my 3.