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Missing Clock and Temperature

I like the new look of V7 but since I use the trip module on the right and the music display on the left, I really miss the clock and the temperature on the main dashboard.

I know it is visible on the big console display but I am so used to see it when I look straight ahead.

Please Tesla, add it to the bottom of the Trip module. There is plenty room for it and it won't look too crowded. Thank you so much.

Who else is missing it?

Don't really miss it. I might have been used to it on the main display, but the clock has been in a different position in every car I've owned, and usually somewhere in the center, so it took me a day to get used to looking at it in the center display (actually for some reason the clock I was already used to looking at in the center display, it's the temperature that took me a day to readjust).
I agree - I miss it as well. While I like the new clock, that position needs to be used for other views like music and nav so I can't count on it being there.

So far, I find myself "hunting" for the time as it is not consistently in a place that is natural to look.

Why do you need music on the side? If you are playing music don't you already have the music app on the main screen?
Updated the other day and did not get the Clock or the Trip App? Am I missing how to engage these? They don't show up in my App window either. BTW I liked the clock and temp in the driving display since in many light conditions, I can't read it on the console.
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Why do you need music on the side? If you are playing music don't you already have the music app on the main screen?

I guess it is about trying to keep looking forward so if what you regularly like to reference can be placed on the front dashboard, you can be more attentive to the road. The nav also takes over this spot or you need to sacrifice the other side to display both. Now I find I'm looking around the large screen at times trying to find the time or temperature when it only needs a few pixels at the bottom of the already very empty front dashboard.

Tesla - please put this back.
I have the clock on the left side of the speedo and the new Trip screen on the right and I use the main screen for my Music info. While I'm not over the moon on the graphics yet, I do love the functionality of both new Apps.

So how did you do that? I can't find the apps after the download. My car is older (2.5 years) but I can't imagine that makes a difference.
The clock does not show month year day and dayname. I loved that with version six so when I make a note in the log book I keep I can
print the right date in the logbook.

Is there a way to get clock to show Wednesday, October 28, 2015 (for example) again? I cannot find one.