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Missing cover after service?

Looking for the forums help in determining if in fact my car is missing a cover after service.
I won’t bore you all with details but my steering column module was replaced along with some components in the steering column.
After I picked up the car I clearly can see the gap below the steering column (pic attached). I could have sworn there was a vinyl piece that went there. I also noticed plastic rivot remnants on the floor. The service center says my model year didn’t have a cover there.
I want to believe them as they have been very helpful but I really thought a cover was there.
it’s a model s late 2014(ap1)

Ya my 2013 has a flexible rubber piece between those two parts. I would say they missed something.
I've had my car given back to me without a plastic shield being put back on on the rear underside of the car. When I brought it back they installed the shield and missed putting another piece back on so these seems common and their service procedure sucks for keeping track of components.