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Mobile Service keeps changing to SC

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Feb 3, 2021
Hi everyone Tesla mobile service has been great up to this point. Always coming out and correcting the issues as they arise.

My two month old MYP has a rattle in the front driver door area but it’s intermittent and only over bumps or rough roads.

Anyway I discovered several issues. A missing round clip in wheel well, a loose cowl cover clip, and the rear driver door window is very loose and makes a rattling noise when I move back and forth.

I scheduled mobile service for the first two issues and they converted it to a service center appt. I told them the SC is 45 mins each way and they said to cancel and put in another and they would try to keep it mobile service. Now I added the 3rd issue when putting in the new request and they again converted it to a service center appt for 7:45am.

Does a report of a squeak or rattle have to only be resolved at the SC? Now they say there is no way the only option is to drop off at SC and do a ride along to reproduce.

I’m frustrated because I feel like they should be able to resolve the issues I pointed out without spending half the day at the SC to drop off.
Did you try messaging them through the app and requesting a mobile appt? It wouldn't surprise me if they want it at the SC because they don't know what is precisely wrong, and can't be sure the mobile tech will either have the equipment to diagnose or the parts to fix it. In the end, it's not exactly Tesla's fault you bought a car where the nearest service center is so far away. Anyway I'd say communicate with them, and see if they can do the first two items mobile, then maybe wait for the third until you're ready to take the car over that way?
I wound up taking it in. The SC was overwhelmed with vehicles and so in my spare time I will chase down the source of the rattle. The clips cheap enough I’ll just buy and install myself.

When you say knock or rattle I think that means it has to come in. It’s intermittent and not loud. The SC that comes for mobile service seems to be either overwhelmed, short staffed, or both.