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Mobile Service - WHERE????

So I've had mobile service at my home before. 2015 MS owned since new, door handle failed last year. Booked on the app and I was contacted to tell me that they could do it via mobile service at my home. No problem..... once I got email communication. Comms via the app and texts is fragmented and hit and miss.

Now I have the famous 12v battery need replacing warning. Last one wasd 4 years ago so not bad. Booked on the app. I live near Brighton and used to use Gatwick. Now Brooklands is nearest. But 12v battery change is an easy mobile job. I could do it myself except for any firmware issues. How do I get a mobile to my house? The only option apart from the 43 Avro Way Service Centre is " Mobile Service, Brooklands Road, Weybridge", wherever that is. There doesn't seem to be a way af asking for the service at my home address. So I selected Brooklands Road hoping that it would morph into a visit to my home. A friend told me this was how to book it.

After 2 weeks I opened up an old computer and found several text messages about "A mobile technician will be coming to your vehicle at Brooklands Road, GB KT13! Also "Found that additional parts required, will contact as soon as in stock and will send estimate" Is that the battery??? who knows. Still waiting with 2 working days to go. Eventually I found the messages on my phone, from an undisclosed phone number, way down on the list. Pretty useless way to communicate! Anyway, with a week to go I texted back asking to confirm that the mobile would be coming to my home, not tthis strange Weybridge place, where I have no intention of going on the off-chance. As I suspected, after 5 days, and 2 working days to go, no reply from Tesla Service.

Can anyone tell me what to expect. What/where in Brooklands Road is this Mobile Service at Brooklands Road, Weybridge?

I could say a lot more about the totally crap communications, but I'll hold fire until it unfolds.
Sounds like your problems are all of your own doing in this case :)

From what you describe, you typed in "Brooklands Road, Weybridge" into the address lookup field. The app then gave you Mobile Service option to meet you at that address - like below

That is the mobile ranger meeting you at an address you requested, there is no tesla service centre there.

And I don't think you can blame Tesla for you not reading your text messages on the number you gave them :) They use a real mobile number to send it from so that you can reply to it.

Thanks NorfolkMustard. I've tried putting my own address in and it doesn't accept it so I assumed it would only allow addresses in it's system. Since I've had two mobile service visits before at my home, which is near Burgess Hill, I couldn't understand how the system is supposed to work. Since you managed to enter the Handcross address it looks like it is possible to enter 'random' addresses. I'll try putting in the Pease Pottage service area. At least I could get to that in 15 minutes.

Re my problems with text messages, sure if I was glued to my mobile all day I'd probably see the messages and wonder who was texting me from an arbitrary phone number. The trouble is that I have a life and better things to do. I'm often out of range of a signal and with only about 6 messages viewable on the screen, new messages soon dissapear out of sight (and out of mind). No idea why I didn't see notifications, or see the texts on messages on my normal laptop. It would be much better if they backed up the texts with emails. I may be old fashioned but I use a laptop for most things and find email much easier to work with. I wasn't issed with the bionic thumbs that modern kids seem to have!
Hopefully it will be easier for me once the Gatwick service centre re-opens late this year. At present the nearest is Brooklands. I would have been prepared to go there if I had realised that geting mobile service was so convoluted. I tried Truggers, Handcross and that comes up. Moto Pease Pottage Services doesn't, so I've changed it to the old County Oak Way Gatwick address (and a later date). At least I can get there within half an hour. It really is a farce!
@NorfolkMustard - it seems that there is a bug in ios 13 that results in incoming messages failing to trigger alerts, even if they are set. This is documented on the web. It's resulting in people missing critical messages and looks a little complicated to cure. I'm getting notifications from some senders and not from others. Pretty weird. It may be blocking unknown senders and Tesla Service just comes up as an unspecified phone number. I added the number to my contacts list but they seem to have more than one number.

OK, sure, it's not Tesla's fault, but I think they need to know about it. A simple solution would be to copy texts from Service to customers email addresses. As it it is I have missed critical messages and I'd bet I'm not the only one. Now I've got to find time to investigate the prob lem on my ihone.
Many thanks Tony - that's just the answer I was looking for. As NorfolkMustard demonstrated, it's possible to enter Truggers Handcross, a few miles north of me, but not my home address. I did ask for mobile service at my home, several times, including my postcode, but Tesla Service is asleep this month - no response whatsoever. Going to Brooklands tomorrow to get it fixed, but I'll try your suggestion next time.


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Jul 17, 2019
Bath, UK
For reasons I can't explain, when I try and book a mobile service it can't find my street at all. It finds one named the same, about 7 miles away. What I have found though is that if I select that street, fill out the service request as normal, and then go back in to it (editing, instead of creating a new request) it can find my street? Go figure.

You might find that works for you - choosing somewhere in close proximity just to get the service request booked, and then changing the address straight away afterwards. I don't think Tesla actually look at these requests properly until much closer to the booking date anyway.


Feb 22, 2020
I had a mobile service engineer visit here earlier today and had a chat about this. Turns out there's still only a handful of them - he said just over 10. My guy is based in Milton Keynes but his patch covers most of the home counties (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire... up to Norfolk!). As a result he's only in certain towns once every couple of weeks, and if he's already fully booked you won't see an appointment available at your address.

He did say though that Tesla are currently preparing a new mobile engineer to start in Nottingham soon, he visited with my engineer last month for some on-the-job training... my engineer was hoping that'll then allow him to drop Norfolk... but Tesla definitely need to pickup the pace on expanding mobile service if they're to keep on top of the ever growing workload.
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