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Mockup of Screen with No Map, Visualization

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Just for fun, I thought of what I would want to see on the display if I didn't care about the map (driving near home) or the visualization. This is what I came up with:

Tesla Screen Mockup.png

I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this, that's why, for example, the speedometer image goes to 240 MPH. I made personal choices for buttons:

  • Graphic speed display with MAX (green) and speed limit (orange).
  • I added the glovebox control because my wife often wants to open it.
  • I put a fold-mirrors button, because, although rarely used, it could be important in an emergency (approaching car coming close).
  • I put a nice big Record button (for post-emergency).
  • Note that the fan icon shows whether heat or AC is on (that's important because sometimes the car thinks it's warmer inside than it is).
  • Nice big wiper controls (yes, I know I can use the scroll wheel).

What would you put on your screen?
Exactly q
Never in my life have I had a near-collision and thought "oh quick fold the mirrors" 🤣
ya omg here comes a car, looks like he’s trying to squeeze by, oh I know….let me press the fold in mirrors tab, whew that was close…thank you Tesla for only making go to two screens to “quickly” fold in mirrors.
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I've never folded my mirrors except when going through the carwash (that likes to beat them forward). I always thought folding mirrors when you park was a gimmick. I'd rather someone swing their door into my mirror than my door or fender 🤷‍♂️
Right, I had a few scares early on when I thought it was driving and it wasn't. I'm not sure even that would be enough.

My system: When I'm driving, I put two hands on the wheel.
Well, it happened again yesterday. First time in a few years. I disengaged to take an exit, and was choosing a new destination when I realized I hadn't reengaged. Caught it quickly.