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Mode change update speed

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Is it me, or was I just lucky (2 or 3 times in a row) recently when switching from backup mode to self powered and back etc, that the power wall changed mode almost immediately, and without the usual lag of 30-60 mins. for whatever batch update method they used to use to need to complete?

I’m on version 1.40 something. Is this a recent update, or was it luck?
I’m on 1.4 something too, and just a week into using a newly installed system and have been pleasantly surprised by updates being applied within minutes. Given most of what I had heard to date had indicated fairly erratic timing and long delays occasionally, I was hoping this is was not just being lucky for the first week or so.
The quick update started in 1.37.1 for me. However, I also notice that immediately after PW receives the update, it goes to Standby for 5 minutes, then back to normal. It happens regardless of what I change. Be it Self-Powered <-> TBC or just reserve % change.
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