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Model 3 Areo Wheels

Yes, you can order just the wheels from any Tesla parts department, assuming you can get them to answer the phone.

Or you can look around Craigslist to see if anyone is selling the wheels and tires. Many people buy the car with the stock 18” wheels and then upgrade them right after purchase. You should be able to buy a set of wheels and tires for less than Tesla will charge for just the wheels. A lightly used set of four usually sells for around $800.
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Yes, that's exactly the setup I have. $200 (USD) for each aero wheel from Tesla parts shop at a service center (so don't go paying $800 for a used set!). TPMS sensors are like $75 each, but you can get good third party ones for a fraction of the cost (I got Autel ones). If you use the aero covers, just transfer them back and forth between your sets when you swap, no need to have a second set.