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Model 3 battery size speculation

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by No2DinosaurFuel, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. No2DinosaurFuel

    No2DinosaurFuel Active Member

    Apr 16, 2015
    San Diego, California
    I know we wont know unless someone in tesla officially reports this or the drivers do a drive test and maybe have access to how the kwh used like in the model S or wk057 gets hands on a model 3 and do the necessary hack to get that out of the car or extrapolate from the official EPA numbers coming out later.

    But my predictions are:
    60KWh for 220 miles
    85KWh for 310 miles

    This is base on how much additional range you get and how efficient I expect the model 3 to be

    60KWh/220 = 273Wh/mile which is pretty efficient
    85KWh/310 = 274Wh/mile for a small increase in weight.

    converting to mpge, it should be:
    123.4 mpge for 220 miles version
    123.0 mpge for 310 miles version

    if we redo the numbers for 55KWh and 75KWh as some have been speculating, we will get:
    55KWh/220 = 250Wh/mile which is too efficient I think unless they optimize everything (Speed, motor tech, drive tech, aero, acceleration, etc)
    75KWh/310 = 242Wh/mile which is unlikely the longer range and heavier version to be more efficient than the lighter lower range version.

    And the mpge:
    134.8 mpge for 220 miles version
    139.3 mpge for 310 miles version
    Which I think is way too efficient.

    A more accurate prediction is
    55KWh and 80KWh
    with 80KWh version being 258Wh/mile and 130.6.mpge

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