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Model 3 browser doesn't want to load - Ontario

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Hello, I've received my Model 3 last week. Since then I've tried to use the internet browser a handful of times, but I have noticed that half the time it won't load the page and just stuck on a black page, even though LTE connection at full strength. I'm in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone else experiencing this?
Yes, and that fixes the issue temporarily, but then returns shortly.

Sounds like a call to Tesla would be a good idea.
Let me know how it works out.
I actually have that same problem once in a while. Usually reset works, but mine does come back once in a while also.
Been meaning to chat with Tesla, but haven’t had time.
I’ll keep you posted if I get a chance.
Agree. 8/10 times the browser doesn’t work for me (I’m in southern Ontario). 2 button reboot usually works but at that point any convenience factor is lost and I can’t be bothered anymore. I have also wondered why they would release such a useless feature